14 August 2010

Getting Ready to Ride

This weekend was crazy! Our weekend started on Wednesday evening when Charity, Melissa, and kids arrived in Sidney on their return trip from Virginia. The travelers were extremely grateful to be freed of the van. Charity kept joking there were monsters and dead bodies buried in the stuff, stuffed into the van. We had a quick dinner for Chinese Chicken Noodle salad and fresh veggies. I discovered a new way to cook yellow squash: grate the squash with a box grater, let the squash drain in a strainer and sprinkled with a bit of salt, rinse, then fry in olive oil, fresh pepper, and salt. Yum! Justin and I took all the kids to the park so Charity and Melissa could have some kiddo-free time. The kids played really well outside. We ended the day with popsicles and hugs.

Thursday Libby and Mason watched Phillip for me while I biked alone. I went VT to Potter, where my companion and I were discouraged that our visitee was MIA. Dang! The crew met Justin at Cabela's for lunch. The kids enjoyed spotting all the taxidermied animals from the balcony. Our next stop was the pool but it closed due to some malfunction for a couple hours. Everyone went swimming except Phillip and I once it reopened. Dinner was another simple affair of bread pizza and green beans, chard, and more squash. My garden is only producing three or four veggies at this time. The green beans don't produce enough at one time to merit the effort of canning. Poor Justin does not like green beans or chard much, he hates squash. Bummer! I am eating a very veggilicious diet right now. All the cousins played and played. Amelia finally reached the end of her rope and had a huge crying fest once I made her get out of the warm tub water. She was crying loudly while my photo appointment waited patiently in the living room. Once she calmed down I left for a 90 minute photo session. It was awesome! We went to the sunflowers, a downtown location, and one out in the country. I photographed a HS senior girl. She was very nervous, to the point of making my job very difficult. At the end she finally relaxed a bit.

Justin and I enjoyed talking and visiting with Charity and Melissa. We miss living near family, at the same time we love living in Sidney. My aunt Laura emailed me today, her old neighbor is moving to Sidney in about a week. Small world. The cousins left Friday morning on a long drive to Utah. The kids and I mostly cleaned the rest of the day. I did make Phillip a birthday shirt and finish some cute crocheted hair clips. We went to the park after lunch since the temperature was perfect. Phillip ate rocks, Amelia supplied the rocks that Phillip ate. Very delicate operation. Justin worked on the yard after getting off work for the week. We picked six tomatoes this week. The kids ate 5 of said tomatoes. I found a 5 inch long caterpillar near my garden box. It was a huge, beastly thing. Amelia was squeamish about the "eye" on its bum.

Today Phillip got his first haircut. He looks like a big boy now! He held still with a lollipop in hand. He sucked on the lolly until Deb started to buzz his lower head. The vibrations tickled him because he smiled through the lolly and drooled all over. His belly was so covered in lolly drool I had to bathe him in Deb's sink. Amelia promised not to throw a fit, her reward was a roll of bubble gum tape. That worked like a charm. Not a peep out of her this time around. My hair cut hurt so bad I cried and slobbered all over myself. Deb probably won't ever cut my hair again. She called me the diva tantrum queen. Guess Amelia learned how to throw a fit from me. Just teasing! I have bangs again! Yum. Justin helped me clean a bit, finish the laundry, and watch the kids while I packed bags for our trip.

I keep forgetting to tell ya: Phillip can crawl up the stairs all by himself. He can say thank-you, DONE, and blows kisses (with his hand over his eye). Silly kid.

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Her Royal Highness said...

LOVE IT! What a handsome boy. :)
I'm wishing we had a garden so I could have a veggielicious diet, too. (I dig your terminology!)
Have a wonderful trip!