26 November 2010

A Little Preview

I feel sort of lazy lately, but looking back it appears I was not as lazy! We signed up for Netflix two months ago, more movies means more crocheting. Besides the hats pictured I also made about 10 other hats that you've already seen but the pattern repeated. Folks are ordering for Christmas. Walmart started carrying a super chunky Lion Brand yarn. I am so in love! I can whip up a ladies hat in about 30 minutes with the yarn. Plus the colors are delish! One of my photographer friends ordered three ruffled diaper covers and a pea pod cocoon. Making those diaper covers was pretty annoying. All that ruffling is time consuming. I had plans to make myself three as well but ended up with only one. Amelia helped me design her Christmas shirt, which matches her skirt from last year! This evening I made Phillip a Christmas shirt. My favorite creation was the giraffe outfit for Phillip. So cute.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

I feel your pain with ruffling! I made both girls a "Nie Nie" skirt - and all it is is ruffles! Now, somehow I said yes to making 3 more for Kate's preschool teacher!

What did I get myself into!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

CUTE stuff! Love the giraffe especially. I hate ruffles too...but they're so cute! darn them.

The Haley Family said...

SO cute! Love the reindeer shirt with the minky!!! Catherine...the Nie Nie skirt takes FOREVER! :) I did one for Ella in May...and I haven't made another one since! So cute...but so time consuming!

Love all of your projects, Miss Jenni!