16 December 2010

Letter M, Christmas, and Stars

This week Preschool was at our home! We learned about the letter M, our theme was Christmas, and our shape was a star. I totally did not get any photos on Monday. We were that busy having way too much fun. The cutest part is the Pledge of Allegiance. The kids pretty much know all the words, they get their right hand over the heart mixed up, still pretty impressive. Monday we sang 5 Little Monkeys in a Tree and several Christmas songs. Amelia and I made muffins for snack. We used a mini muffin tin to make our own crayons. While the crayons set I helped the kids write a letter to Santa. Crack me up! Little Bryn said she was a grumpy girl and not a good girl. Zane wanted Santa to bring his sister some new barbies, a helicopter, and a purple pillow pet. I think there was some peer pressure involved. The kids had a blast playing dress the bear, pin the tail on the donkey style. The blind fold really threw them for a loop.

Yesterday we repeated the same songs from Monday. Zane and Lily were excited about our scientific observation. I placed about 20 different objects on the ground to sort into magnetic and non magnetic piles. Then we tested our piles with some magnets. We made star wishing wands with glitter foam, curling ribbon, and dowels. While I helped the kids put their wands together I had them reenact the Christmas Story with Amelia's Nativity. It was funny to watch them interpret the story as it unfolded. Our treat was decorating and eating sugar cookies shaped like stars and other Christmas shapes. I honestly was a little grossed out watching the kids lick the knives and double, triple, and quadruple dip.

My new VT companion, the kids, and I drove to Potter to visit our ladies after preschool. Stacey was working at the library so we were finally able to meet with her. She does an amazing job running a cute little library. Next we visited Camy and little baby Addison. Camy let Amelia hold Addy for a little while. She was bursting with pride!

Tuesday we finally got the wood for the playhouse project. I hope we can finish in time! Justin cut the windows out last night. I hope to paint and finish the outer curtains before Saturday. Rose volunteered to watch Amelia for a couple hours on Saturday, our only day to get the walls up.

On another note, I decided to close my photography business for an undetermined amount of time. I am getting very frustrated with my results of late. My camera, editing process, prints, and skills are not producing results I am very proud of. Geesh, the waterworks burst open on Tuesday. Sometimes a good cry is just what I need to clear my mind. I found out Tuesday afternoon that my newer fancy monitor does not read/interpret the red channel properly. My prints are always a little on the red/orange side. In spite of all my attempts to follow the directions given by the printing company my results are always off. Justin helped me calibrate my monitor to no avail. I could see specific color aberrations on my old monitor but not the new one. The old monitor does not interpret white/dark very well my new monitor has color issues. Shoot Dang. I need a break to sort through and organize the 20,000 photos now sitting on my new computer. Add another 5,000 of photos stored on disks and I have a big project. Once I finish sorting maybe a new solution will come to mind. Boo-hoo.

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The Haley Family said...

Ella has been singing "where is santa" since Monday! Super fun school week!! Can't wait to see the playhouse evolve! Shoot Dang is right about the photo stuff.