21 January 2011

Monkey Boy

Phillip is one funny little character. Last week he insisted on sleeping with a monkey and has nearly every nap/sleep since. He toddles over to the first monkey he sees and clutches it in his chubby paws then waves bye-bye and blows wet kisses. He LOVES wearing a monkey on his back. Every morning he searches for his backpack, finds it, and insists I put it on. Phillip also loves his monkey hat. Yesterday we went to a Pampered Chef party at Alison's home. He found his favorite monkey, ironically the one we got for his birth day, and would not let it go. Melted my heart watching him find a lovey toy to tote around.

The collage of Amelia and Phillip cracks me up! Siblings! They play nicely for a second then tussle for a second...back and forth. Amelia gets pounded by Phillip more often than not. He loves to pound, throw, and pull. Amelia does not like these things.

Pampered Chef. Those two words mean amazing cooking utensils. I had fun with some ladies from Sidney watching Elaine Peters present her little presentation. She told the story of Stone soup and made us an amazing soup while we got to try out the fun knives and gadgets on real vegetables. I took Amelia and Phillip since Justin is working so late these past weeks. Phillip thought all the gadgets were pretty fun too. He climbed and pulled about everything in reach. For a pregnant lady I can move fast when merited.

Wednesday I watched Cydalee and Romain, the twins 10 days younger than Phillip. Ella came over after preschool to help me babysit the twins. She was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! Ella carried little Cydah around under her armpits, wiped her nose, changed her diapers, and played quite the little mom. Cyd just adored all the attention. We had a fun, crazy day.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

Hilarious collage. I love the one of Mia ready to pound Phillip on the head with the toy hammer!!

So glad you ventured out to the party, it was SO much fun! I can't wait to order all of my goodies!

Ella was in LOVE with Cydah...good thing Cydah loved it too! I'm glad you had your quiet day on Tuesday before the madness!

Courtenay Beth said...

Looks so happy! Love the little monkey, er monkeys! They are so cute!

Her Royal Highness said...

grand Duchess has a thing about monkies, too. It IS heart warming. He looks completely perfect surrounded by all those monkies! Too funny!
Oh I wish I could have gone to the PC party! I love those!!! Glad you had a good time!