23 April 2011

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

Our Primary hosted an impromptu Egg Hunt this morning thanks to Amy, the 2nd Counselor. The community has an egg hunt that lasts about 30 seconds and is not so fun for the littler ones. Amy planned several crafts and coordinated volunteers to provide filled plastic eggs. We ended up with over 730 eggs for about 30 kids. The Elders and YM hid the eggs outside while we helped the kids do crafts. I dressed the kids in their cute outfits for the event since tomorrow Mia wants to wear her Birthday dress. Phillip soon learned the eggs opened to reveal candy. He caught on to the fun faster than normal. He was not so happy because he woke up at 5 am unable to sleep. Amy, you did an amazing job! Thanks for letting us help out! Our primary rocks!

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The Haley Family said...

It was a great time. PS...our girls are pretty cute!