13 May 2011

Bringing on Some "C" Game

Ahhhh, the craft game. I am not doing as much lately, but it still adds up! I had a chance to crochet a few things during our little get-away last month. I made a couple of headbands for a customer, a little baby girl onesie, and a BEE outfit for a little girl's first "Bee-day." I made Phillip try it on for size. So glad I did because the tutu was way too long and the waist circumference too wide. He was not so happy...made me giggle. Goodness the sibling shirts took me forever to draw, cut out on a pattern, the cut out in fabric, then sew onto shirts. I am seriously going to get a silhouette cutter one of these days. Still, the shirts are so cute. I love the new little flower caps made for little Addy in our ward. There are a couple more boy hats I want to make for little Everett before he comes in 18 days. I better get busy.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

ya, you haven't been doing much lately. Whatever! :) I stopped taking pictures of my stuff...or I forget before I ship them off! At least your stuff gets to mostly stay under your roof. The moster hats are adorable! Drats...I forgot the green yarn again. 18 days....YIKES! Can't wait to steal the little guy!

Her Royal Highness said...

Oh my heck! Phillip's face is SO awesoem in those pics! yeah, he's not that happy - but he makes a very pretty bumblebee. :)
18 days??? I am coming out that weekend to visit, I'm so excited for you!!!
LOVE the hats! Love the outfits! Love it all!!!!

Unknown said...

Such a sweet little bumblebee! You are so talented! The sibling shirts are amazing!