05 May 2011

Girls Versus Boys

I cannot stop laughing about the differences between my two kiddos. We had two experiences this week especially delineating their differences. Tuesday Ella had her fourth birthday party. Amelia was BEYOND excited and was dressed and ready to go at 8 am. Just the day before Ella invited Amelia over to play and Amelia dissolved in tears totally rejecting Ella's invitation. Amelia seems to only enjoy Ella if she is at her house. Strange. We talked over the next while about sharing places friends play and how she hurt Ella's feelings. She had no problems going over to Ella's for a party! She waited and waited all morning with her purse, gift, and hat. Phillip felt left out of the excitement so grabbed a Tinkerbell lunch bag, Amelia's bike helmet, and a bracelet to help her wait out the hours. I heard the party was a blast.

Yesterday we went on a walk around the block. Amelia started picking wildflowers growing. She picked flower by flower making a cute bouquet. Phillip grabbed the entire plant and toted it around. He looked so hilarious wearing sunglasses and his new monster hat. Amelia was crooning over her lovely bouquet, Phillip was yelling at his flowers.

The other day Amelia was pestering Phillip. He looked at Amelia and then me out of the corner of his eye...smiled...then grabbed a hank of her hair and yanked hard. Amelia melted into tears, Phillip chortled with glee. They both went to time out.

We are surviving around of late. I am feeling super tired. Phillip seems to know that I am not on my game so gets into mischief all the time. He's taken a fancy to q-tips, my makeup drawer, wearing shoes, climbing up on the counters and emptying my cupboards, getting into the food cabinets, and such. I cannot wait for our new table set to get here. All the chairs will be gone and replaced with long benches. I cleaned all day Tuesday and was dismayed to look behind me and find the same type of mess just rearranged. One day!

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Her Royal Highness said...

Seriously, I think kids think WE are the ones making "the mess" and they're cleaning up after US. that's what I thought with #4 anyway.
I'm diggin' the monster hat - well done!

The Haley Family said...

very funny. The story of my life....and now having a little girl after 3 boys it is so obvious just how different they are. BUT...then there are those times where there is no separation like Ella picking up ants today, putting them in a jar and naming them can vowing to keep them as her pets. Totally her brothers...

Thanks for letting them both play today!