13 June 2011

Golf Balls

This evening a massive weather cell surged over Sidney. It was pretty sudden! Luckily, Justin covered my garden just in case the storm decided to move our way. Yesterday we squeezed in between two massive storms missing all the action. We decided not to go to Walmart like we planned. I have never seen hail as large as what came down this evening. Some hail stones were larger than a golf ball. The hail sounded like a pack of rabbits thundering our roof. Amelia and Phillip were enthralled with summer snow and ate hail stones until the storm passed over us. Justin's blue car got a thorough beating! The hail broke a couple windows over at the Haley home too. My little garden got smooshed but not as bad as last year. It will survive (I hope). My poor hydrangeas, pine trees, and petunias look like shredded wheat. Dude...that was a storm!

***the other photos came off my little camera. Just had to show off our new sand box! Plus a couple photos of Phillip wearing undies on his head and another with a floatie around his middle, chewing on a rubber spider (right before church). What a kid!

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Unknown said...

Glad you survived the storm with little damage. And I love the new play area - sand is always super fun. Sad that we just missed you at the Gold Rush Days event. Looks like the kids had a good time. You have the sweetest little family!

The Haley Family said...

ya, not a fan at all of storms. I am actually really glad we were not home during the storm with shattering glass...except that we would have been able to get the truck undercover. Cute pics of the kids! Hooray for saving the garden!

Her Royal Highness said...

Double hooray about your garden! I wonder how our old house held up in that storm (or the huge trees in the front)! Glad your damage was minimal!!! HUGE bummer about Haley's place - that's so sad.