28 July 2011

Day with the Calls

Monday we traveled up to visit with the Call family at Charity's home. Mom is visiting in Utah for quite sometime this summer. She leaves next week on Thursday. We met everyone at the pool for a little swim. The weather actually turned a bit cool in preparation for a rain storm. Justin went out to get Del Taco for the crew. He got several complaints about his order of 35 chicken soft tacos, two hard tacos, five burritos, and one spicy chicken burrito. The manager gave Justin a card so order ahead next time. One lady asked if she could just have three of his tacos and go. We had quite the crew present. I was so tired I zoned out while nursing the baby. Melissa gave a funny diatribe about her husband's side of the family while I zoned in and out of consciousness. Mason let Phillip pet and love on his hamster. He is learning to be so gentle! I love those kisses!
We packed up our stuff and headed to John and Courtenay's home for dinner. They have a huge, amazing, gorgeous townhome in Eagle Mountain. Courtenay's been busy decorating and putting her new home together. This change is a long time coming for them after almost 4 years in limbo. Needless to say, both John and Court are so excited to have their own digs. Everett showed us around his toys. He is one cute little dude. Phillip snagged a handful for Courtenay's perfume lotion while I showed Amelia the bathroom. He smelled lovely. Courtenay made tomato pesto, chicken, corn and cucumber salad for dinner. Wow, it was delicious. We all drove the five minutes over to James and Miekka's home for FHE. Holy house and a half. James and Miekka really "lucked" out with their home. It is luxury around every corner. We finally got a taste of playdough ice cream made by Farr ice cream. Yummy.
Justin got his stuff all packed and separated for his flight home before we crashed for the night. The Lances are great hosts. We are having a blast with the cousins. James dropped off Justin at the Provo airport for his flight to Denver on his way to work around 8:15. His flight left at 10 am, he did not get home until around 6 pm. That is a long day for such a short flight. Most of the day was spent waiting for the shuttle. We forgot to prepare Amelia that Justin was going home. She moped around for several hours missing Justin.

I dropped off my 7d Canon and Dad's Canon at a camera repair shop for deep cleaning of the sensor and insides. The kids and I drove to our old neighborhood and spent a couple minutes visiting with our old neighbors, Lucky and Brittany. Lucky swore with excitement when he saw we had two more kids since the last time we met. He also has a new grandson to watch! Then we spent the afternoon with my amazing friend Catherine and her kids. Amelia's Kate friend celebrated her fourth birthday with us. We had lunch at Chik-fil-a. Catherine had coupons for Bounce-Around-Utah through Groupon. The kids were like wild animals jumping around the facility. It was sticky HOT and humid. I normally don't sweat a whole lot, but I was sweating yesterday. Catherine and I enjoyed catching up while we wrasseled the animals. My kids were super tired and cranky. Phillip fell asleep within 30 seconds of being buckled up. Everyone had a quiet evening just relaxing and going to bed early.

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Taylor's said...

Your pictures are amazing of the funeral! Stunning!

The blessing was awesome and amazing! I loved how intimate it was and I love that you could tell Justin was a bit choked up while giving the blessing. I think that is a first me to see him like that.

And THANK YOU for celebrating with us on Kate's birthday! She absolutely loved seeing Miss Mia at her house! She even said "Mom, we did not have to drive a lot to see her can you believe it!?!"

We need to do Cafe Rio for your birthday! I do have Friday off!