19 July 2011

My dingleheimers


Take two. Wanted cute photos of the kids in their fabulous (and meticulously made) shirts. Cooperation? Nah, it was another circus. The lollipop for Phillip helped. I am always amazed when reviewing photos to find that the sessions I hated most still have amazing photos. I love how the evening light caught the kid's eyes and made them super sparkle. What a handsome bunch.

We had a better day. Phillip was not so wild today. Neleigh came over at 11 and spent the day with us. She ran the kids down for me and let me go to Walmart by myself during nap time. That alone was heaven. We are leaving for Utah on Thursday morning for my Grandpa's funeral on Friday. I plan on being gone for about 2 weeks. Now instead of Justin's sisters visiting we are going out there. Plans change quick at times. We went to the pool with Neleigh in tow. Phillip was amazing this time! He had the floatie ring AND arm floaties on, he did not get close to drowning this session. Last night we extended the rubber mulch play area to the edge of the house, giving the sand box a little more room. Love it! I picked about half a bushel of green beans today! Yipee!!!

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

you did capture some cute pics, sorry I couldn't come over and assist, we were literally on our way to look at a house! Have a safe trip!!

Taylor's said...

yay for coming to Utah - not so yay for the reasoning!

Travel safe and we would love to those bundles of joy over along with the amazing parents!

I have Monday off because of the holiday and I do not work on Tuesday or Thursday - and Tuesday Kate turns 4!

We will be at the cabin in Heber but for sure call me with the time of the blessing so we can make it to that!

Missing you! Hugs!