25 September 2011

Modge Podge Week


I can't believe it is Sunday already. Everett decided to nap again. I forgot how newborns/infants tend to go through spurts of napping then restlessness. Wednesday afternoon Amelia and Ella wanted to have ballet class together. I put on our silly little ballet DVD, helped the girls get dressed, then sat down for an amazing recital. Both girls were flouncing around like little prima ballerinas. Ok, it was a bit more hilarious than that. I almost peed my pants from laughing behind my book as I peeked at them. Their looks of concentration about put me over the top. I also had fun sewing two outfits this week. Yep, made another froofy number for Amelia and a fun monkey outfit for Everett. I love how the pants turned out.

Phillip and I are enjoying some alone time while Amelia is at Preschool or in dance. We went to the park together, played Phillip games in the basement, and snuggled some. He enjoys the attention and I enjoy his little personality. We caught a butterfly on Friday during preschool. He helped me catch it, fill a mason jar with grass and butterfly flowers, and punch holes in the jar lid. He was so excited to show Amelia that he chattered the entire way about the bug.

The series of photos above just about makes me cry with joy. I love the little stories on each child's face. Phillip's puckered lips and Everett's unknowing stare about what is going to happen tells a story we see around here every day. Then Everett's look of "Why, Mom, why are you letting him kiss me again?" Through it all Amelia sits with a look of curious by standing, only intervening when it gets interesting. Pretty much sums up our kids right now.

Justin and I are going through some interesting developments. We were able to hold a little family fast today to consider said developments. This week will be interesting, busy, and fun. More details when we have a better idea of what we want to do. Sorry for the suspense! Buhahaha, this IS my BLOG. Justin bore a sweet testimony about our bedlamite stage of life in church today. Our Bishop challenged our ward to read the Book of Mormon in a year's time about a month ago. Justin said he promises we will NOT read the entire book as a family, but that we will read every night and teach our kids to love the Book of Mormon. Scripture and prayer time is sort of crazy right now. It feels like the kids...and parents are not grasping much. His testimony bolstered mine that the point right now is to teach them a precedence for future learning. The spirit comes in small ways as I hear Amelia singing Primary songs, reading herself the scriptures, and saying her own prayers then watching Phillip emulate her makes it all worth it. We now have the stewardship to teach our nursery kids each week. More bedlam! More chances to teach!

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Madison Grunig said...

I have to say that I think you guys are doing excellent in nursery. Yesterday when I went in to pick up my little bedlamite, I saw all four leaders playing on the floor with those sweet little kids. It makes this mama's heart happy knowing those kids are being loved and taught. Keith told me about your interesting developments. Of course I won't say a word but I'm anxious to hear more!

Taylor's said...

Your kids are adorable - and what you think is a handful is just a joy as well.

I remember when Phillip fit into that oneise of Bear Naked. Everett is growing too fast - really he fits into it - sigh -

I did get your message - I hope you received mine. We do need to talk - as of right now I have Tuesdays off of work - sigh - maybe one day all days off work.

Now I am super interested to know what is going on in your world. You make me worry!

The Haley Family said...

Ella had so much fun doing ballet class! As our bedlamites get older the challenges just change, they don't go away!! ;)