23 December 2011

Innej is Jenni?!

Conversation while I put Amelia to bed on Tuesday:
Amelia: Mom?
Me: What?
Amelia: You know my nelf, Innej...well, that spells Jenni backwards! You share the same name as my elf but backwards!!!
Me: stunned silence. Um...well, her name is actually Refinnej but her short name is Innej. You are one smart cookies, we must be twins or something.

Dang, she figured it out about 15 years before I did! I still don't think she connected the dots. Innej has been busy at our house delivering more treats and little gifts.

I walked by the bathroom and caught a particular whiff of something rotten in Denmark. I was not sure where the smell came from so moved on. A little while later Amelia told me that something was stinky in the bathroom. I smelled around until locating the source. The sour smell came from my fancy jewelry box Phillip had emptied and filled with corn from our dinner on Monday. Justin was puzzled about where the rest of the corn Phillip had in a cup went...we found it. About the same time I realized that running water was turned on somewhere in the house. I ran all over finally discovering the basement faucet was turned on with the sink plugged up with clothes pins and the sink plunger. The water was brimming and rounding at the curved counter edges. I was able to divert disaster with only milliseconds to spare. 

Justin went duck hunting with his boss and Bishop Siler yesterday. He shot a cute little mallard that is now snuggled next to the milk jugs in the fridge (barf). I went to an ornament exchange party at Alison's new digs. She (and her mother) practically unpacked and decorated the entire house in a week. It looks amazing. Amelia is enjoying all the Christmas crafts I have her doing instead of watching TV. My heart is warmed watching her learn to cut and glue. Her drawings are improving as well. She started imitating Innej's style of curly writing. She puts curlicues on all her letters now.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

OH Miss Amelia - you are so dang cute! I love it!!!

The Haley Family said...

she is a total crack up!

Last night was a blast, thanks for coming!!! :)

Great Basin Cowgirl said...

Man, those little kids are a crack-up, Jenni! I can't get over your funny stories about Phillip... what a character! At least you won't be void of interesting things to share with his future wife someday. ;) Merry Christmas to you all... we miss you!