17 December 2011

Santa Visit Version Two

We had a great Friday. The kids were awesome! Morley had an ortho appt at 8 am in Sidney. The kids and I drove around until the van warmed up and watched Frosty the Snowman while we waited...in our jammies. The girls had preschool at 10, Phillip and I played with his farm toy, and I got ready for the day. We had lunch at McD's for a reward. After school the boys went with Sister Gull for the rest of the weekend. The Gull's have boys the same age so it was much more fun than lounging around here. Justin watched the kids while I went Christmas shopping by myself for 90 blissful minutes. Since I was out Innej came to play tricks by ringing the front doorbell, knocking on windows, leaving kisses and a fun note. She also broke the back window with her sharp knuckles. At least it was just the the outer glass! Dang it! Innej needs to pay attention the the temperature when knocking on glass that weathered many hail storms and is freezing cold. Ella even caught on to the excitement. She was convinced that Santa was fake and elves were imaginary. The candy convinced her a little bit.

Today we had a fun time going to McD's again with Justin this time. Then we went up to Cabela's store to visit with Santa again. I think there must be one fancy Santa Nelf here in Sidney because he sure looked like the one from Thursday night. This time Phillip was prepared to reject Santa...until he pulled out a 'andy 'ane. The treat convinced him to stand nearby for 20 seconds. Everett was all smiles. Ella finally told me what she wants for Christmas. I've bugged her for three days now. She wants a white puppy with a pink collar. Good luck Ali! The store had a room set up with treats and more crafts. Both girls wrote Santa letters.

I took the girls with me to Walmart. We went shopping for Justin's Christmas gifts. The first item they chose was a lovely set of Princess nail polish; I convinced them that Justin was not into nail polish. We headed to the tools. Amelia wanted to get Justin a $400 drill. Yah, no, nice try. We headed over to camping. Amelia found a $200 airsoft rifle claiming that her daddy loves guns and that he needs another one. Then it was a camo jacket so Dad could get lost on the grass. My favorite was a $50 nerf gun so Dad could shoot Phillip when Phillip pulls Amelia's hair. After much deliberation we settled on something that Justin is sure to love according to Amelia. Justin is having a blast teasing Ella. She brought a white unicorn her Grandma gave her. Justin teases her each time she eats something white that the item is unicorn meat, hair, milk, etc. Ella is quite perturbed! Amelia is not tease-able. She just crumbles into tears. Ella is made of steel with three older brothers and a teasing daddy.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

Ah, she is talking about a "fur-real" puppy @ walmart! :)

She thinks the santa's in sidbey are fake because the real one is home making the toys!

Taylor's said...

Gosh - reading these posts make me tear up just missing you and the family!

I am glad to hear that both YOU survived as did The Haley Children! You are seriously wonder-woman - have no clue how you do it; but I am sure glad you do!

I can't wait to hear exactly how Christmas goes in your house! I can't wait to hear all of Amelia's cute comments and Phillip's destruction and Everett's cute coos and smiles!

I LOVED your Christmas Card! Thanks so much for sending us one - Kate will not stop taking it to her bedroom - she says then I can wake up to Amelia!

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy those amazing blessings (that cause headaches)!

Unknown said...

Fun Christmas celebrations!

Maybe you should wear the wonder woman cape. You are truly amazing!