17 January 2012

ER Visit

This morning found Amelia and I at the ER for a little visit. She was doing a fancy trick from the slide to bean bag and dislocated her elbow. I was in the shower when all the excitement went down. Amelia is quite the crier and such so sometimes it is hard to tell when she is really in distress. This time, I had no problem distinguishing her distress. My VT, Christine, came quickly over to take the boys home while I went with Mia to the ER. Our doctor's office was booked up clear through 4 pm with appts today so it was the ER for us. We were in and out very quickly. She ended up dislocating the two bones that connect to the elbow (commonly called Nursemaid's Elbow). The Dr popped the bones back in place, gave her some pain medicine, some stickers, and discharge papers. I am so relieved she did not break her arm.

I was back at the hospital an hour later for my own appt. I was getting over my sinus infection and finally feeling much better yesterday morning. After lunch my nose started running again and wham! I had a full blown infection, fever, chills, headache, and low muscle tone. Toasts to amoxicillian! Here's to modern medicine baby!

Not much else to report about the weekend. Justin worked, actually got the laundry done, fed the Elder's on Saturday, spray painted a little table, and appliqued two shirts. The house is a mess and all I want to do is lay on the couch and cry. Boo hoo! LOL.

**Phillip's newest phrase is "I DID IT!" He is all about doing it himself, if he gets some help he still claims all the praise. So endearing! Everett is working on a bottom tooth. Deb sold me a fun little high chair that clips to the table. Everett LOVES being at the table with everyone. The chair swivels around so I can feed him while sitting on the bench or on the chair. Check it out here: Chicco chair.

7 Stupendous Remarks:

J Man said...

I always figured Felipe Jr. would be first to the ER for this kind of injury.

J Man said...

I'm also glad you didn't rush to the ER without a camera :)

The Haley Family said...

ER visits are always a drag, glad it was a simple fix!

Taylor's said...

Holy Moley woman! I am just so glad for the blessings of a small town - in and out of the ER with a hurt child and not feeling good Mama are true blessings!

Missing you terribly!

Her Royal Highness said...

did they do an x-ray? the one time I took #4 in for the exact same thing (because I couldn't remember how to reset it) they made me do an X-ray against all of my wishes.
I hope they didn't do that for you, too.
Glad she's feeling better & I hope your infection clears up quickly.

Unknown said...

So glad it wasn't broken! Your home is always full of excitement. Hope you start feeling better. It was great to visit with you today. :D

Great Basin Cowgirl said...

Wow... enough excitement in your life already! ;) So glad to hear that Mia's little mishap was minor and that you're feeling better.