22 May 2012

California Trip: Gilroy


We enjoyed an amazing family vacation in California. I am so grateful for all the fun memories and bonds forged on our trip. Making family memories is one of the best parts of living!

We left Sidney Friday afternoon around 4:00 pm. Justin drove us to Denver under a cold rainy storm front. It was almost surreal to think we would be wearing shorts in a few hours. We stayed the night at a hotel near the airport that offered parking and shuttle services. It was actually cheaper to stay in a hotel and park (for our vacation) then to use the airport parking facilities! Hooray. Phillip was so wound up with all the excitement that he was awake and keeping Amelia, Everett, Justin and I all awake. I took him down to the lobby for a fun 2 hours wandering the area. He finally fell asleep with me holding him in a bear hug in front of the lobby TV watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We ate breakfast and gathered our mountain of car seats, carry on luggage, and bags for the shuttle ride. Our flight to San Jose was very uneventful. An older couple behind us asked if Everett was going to squeal the entire time and if Phillip was going to be a nuisance. Well, I offered no guarantees! Turns out the kids were complete angels. Thank goodness for ipods and iphones! Once in San Jose we picked up a rental car (Chevy Equinox...really, a terrible car) and drove to Gilroy. Justin let me off at Walmart first for diapers, wipes, and sunscreen. I was in heaven walking out of Walmart and smelling the pungent scent of garlic. Heaven! I am always hungry for spaghetti and garlic bread when in Gilroy.

Grandma Jean and Grandpa Lynn treated us all like royalty! Grandma showed the kids toys in the patio room and let them play. Amelia and Phillip LOVED the band instruments. Phillip latched onto Grandpa Lynn, following him around patting his knee saying "pa-pa, cracker?" or something cute. Grandpa cannot see or hear well so he mostly just ignored Phillip and his insistence. Grandma made a delicious lasagna for dinner. Amelia ate two servings and ate two rolls (unheard of). After our hotel experience I slept in the living room with Phillip trapped in a pack-in-play. He got several spankings before he fell asleep. Grandma and I had fun learning about Picasa and talking about books.

Amelia made me a super cute card in preschool for Mother's Day. She was very excited to surprise me. Two ladies spoke in church on Sunday. The last speaker made a comment about how most women are super women even if they don't make cookies everyday. Amelia was sitting on my lap. She turned to me and whispered, "Mom you are NOT super woman, you DON'T make enough cookies!" I laughed and felt grateful that she was listening. Stinker. Grandma got out the rice bucket for the kids to play in. She also introduced the kids to the movie "Totoro" a Lance favorite.  Jonathon and Jan invited the local family over for a dinner. He roasted up a yummy beef brisket. The kids had a blast playing with Sadie and Charlotte. I enjoyed chatting with Jessica about crafty stuff. My uncle Jon just purchased a Canon 7D. We talked about cameras and lenses for a good while. I really want a 35 mm lens, the equivalent of a 50mm lens on my 7D. Jonathon let me play around with his neat lenses.

Monday we visited with Jess, Sadie, and Charlotte for the morning. Jess is so amazing. She runs the crafty blog, "Craftiness is not optional." I am in awe at all she accomplishes with two kids...and one on the way. Jess gave me a couple patterns to try out! Hooray!

We had some lunch with Grandma and Grandpa then took off for Los Angeles. I got some photos of Amelia standing in front of the school where I went to kindergarten. That was tender for me. Just being at the Lance home is like coming back to my childhood. We never really had a homestead growing up so Gilroy became our home away from wherever we were stationed. I have many fond memories picking snails out of the garden for a penny a pop, swinging from the rafters in the garage, the boys getting haircuts from Grandpa, my head injury incident, Aunt Sally raiding her drawers for little tokens for us, my Strawberry Shortcake doll hidden in the Christmas tree boughs, and my dad surprising us on Christmas morning. Just remembering makes me tear up. I am very grateful my kids met their Great Grandparents. Amelia Jean Lance and Amelia Jean Call; Lynn Terry Lance meeting Everett Lynn Call. The visit, while short, made me feel complete. Grandma's garden is like a haven for my heart.

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kjha said...

This one made me tear up too! You know my middle name is Jean so I always have a special place in my heart for your Grandma, my aunt. It's hard to see that generation growing older!

Taylor's said...

Holy AWESOME memories! Ones to last a life time!

I love all the photos! I can't wait to hear about Disney as well!