26 May 2012

Everett is ONE!!!!


Happy Birthday to our happy-go-lucky Everett Lynn Call. I cannot believe an entire year passed by so quickly. It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the side yard with our new little bundle, wrapped up tight. He is one funny, silly, determined, out-spoken, little soul. We love to call him angry squirrel because he chitters at you when he is upset.

This month he really made leaps and bounds in development. He can move in a circle while sitting, scoots backwards, and scoots sideways. Everett rolls over and over to new destinations. The day we got home from our trip he showed off how he can push up on his arms and legs. He could be a yoga master with a degree in the plank position. Now he is rocking on his knees and diving forwards.

Everett has many new words too. He can say:  hi, bye, dad-da, uh-oh, no-no, all done, num-num, night-night, and several others words I cannot recall. He babbles and forms new sounds everyday. I love to hear him talking in his crib, with his siblings, and in the car. Just today he made a hard "c" sound.

Everett weighs 21 pounds 15 oz, putting him in the 50th percentile for weight. He measures 33 inches long, which lands him in the 75th percentile for height. Dr Shaw said he met all his one year milestones and markers. Good job little dude.

My favorite part of this age is how excited my babies get when they see me after a short separation. Makes me feel so loved to have those chubby arms thrown wide and chubby cheeks pressed against my neck. He is working on getting a second top tooth this week. Today he flapped his arms and chattered on when we sang Happy Birthday (several times just for his reactions).

We celebrated his special day with Justin before leaving. My friend Kelly took some photos of him outside and inside. Another lady made the fun cake for his cake smash. He hammed it up so well that his session was done in less than 10 minutes. He flung frosting all over the studio set. We polished off part of the cake before leaving. He played with his new toy, a hippo ball popper, for a few minutes. Today we had frozen custard up at the care center with Charity and Justin (via Skype). Kenny and I took the kids up to Hill AFB for the air show. It started drizzling as soon as we left the vehicles. By the time we saw a couple planes it full out started raining, then pouring, add in some cold wind for a miserable time. Everett and Phillip were crying from cold and exposure. Once tucked into the van with the heater blasting we waited 90 minutes to exit the parking lot and drive 100 meters. It was supposed to be fun!!! LOL!  

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