06 June 2012

Happy Birthday to Mason!


Happy Birthday to Mason! He turned the BIG 11 on Tuesday the 29th of May. He reported a fun day at school with special treats to share with his classmates. He had a friend come over after school to play. Mason really wanted to go swimming so we headed over to the pool with his friend for an evening of swimming. We had birthday cake poolside too! Mason is one amazing guy. Charity says he is a male version of the baby whisperer. I attest that is true...both Phillip and Everett just adore Mason. 

Earlier that same day Ethan and Grant came to spend the morning with us. Melissa went with Charity to the hospital for the long wait to have the surgeon look at her back again. We spent a fun morning at the splash pad and park near the James' home. I love having so many fun parks to visit and activities to do within walking distance. The water was pretty cold, throw in a slight breeze for a freezing experience. Most of the kids got wet once then played at the park. Melissa came to get the boys when Kenny relieved her after he finished work. Charity was not admitted into surgery until after 8 pm. The surgeon discovered one of the screws had cracked the vertebrae causing inflammation and pain of the nerves. He "fixed" the damage and reinstalled the screw. I think we all let out a huge sigh of relief to know what the problem was, she is finally on the road to recovery.

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