18 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!! We miss our Justin very much. Amelia was super sad that Phillip added his colorings to the special picture she drew for Daddy; so sad that she threw it away. She made an awesome card in primary for Justin. Her primary teacher was super amazing! The tie part of her card ripped off somewhere between the church exit and the van. I went back after dinner to find the paper laying in the parking lot. We glued the errant tie back on the card. She was so excited to send Justin some pictures of her card for him.

I had a hard time getting everyone ready for church at 9 am, especially since we woke up at 8 am. I planned on going to church at my old ward at 11. The kids looked so cute in coordinating outfits, I really did not realize that Amelia's outfit matched the boys. The boys were so handsome in matching shorts and shirts. We drove around Mom's neighborhood searching for a good place to take photos. The street just west has a house with a gorgeous yard and nice shade. We started to drive to church when I realized that my gas tank was almost empty (again). In Sidney my gas tank gets filled about twice a month! Here it is once or twice a week. Grandma's ward still had an hour and a half left so we finished church there. I slipped out to attend sacrament meeting by myself for the first time in 5 years. That was strange. I could actually focus and ponder. Amazing.

Jana hosted a fun family dinner after church. She provided the meat and bread. We celebrated a welcome home mom and boys, John's birthday, and Father's day all at once. I made a shrimp pasta salad, blueberry walnut salad, and a berry dessert salad. Dinner was pretty tasty! The air conditioner decided to call it quits on the hottest day of the year so far. When I went to bed the temperature was 89 degrees inside. Phew. John, Courtenay, James, and Miekka gifted me an ice cream maker. I was a little overwhelmed by their generosity. Geeze, my eyes are watering now over their generosity. Tear. I cannot wait to make a batch of Great-Grandma's lemon ice cream. Phillip decided the temperature was too warm for clothes. He would randomly streak by bum cheeks flapping while the punkles grumbled about his lack of propriety. I guess they have a short memory. Phillip is enamored with his Punkles. He loves tackling them...amended...so does Amelia. She was playing tackle with Punkle Jared and a never ending game of chase.

The kids and I skyped with Justin before bed. Like most nights it was chaos. Too many interesting buttons to push, food pantries to raid, and messes to make. I hope Justin felt our love for him through the chaos. He reported today that he made himself a crab legs dinner. Good for you! Justin is our favorite dad.

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glen-denise-vince-mckee-cam said...

I LOVE Amelia's outfit. I love that Amy Butler fabric. You're so talented. Your vacation in Utah looked so so fun!
Your kids are adorable.