05 August 2012

The Mother Hen Turns 35


I suddenly feel older and wiser. Wait! I am! After the escapades of this week I feel rather old and tired instead of gorgeous and wise. Guess that is the toll road for having energetic kids. It is hard to believe I am 35 already. I woke up to many hugs and kisses from the kids and husband. Amelia made me some amazing cinnamon toast all by herself for breakfast. She patted my back and kissed my cheeks while I ate the best cold toast ever. Justin gave me a really nerdy gift....that I love! A portable battery for my studio lights. Ahhhh! The world expands a little more. Jana sent me a cool book on how to manage curly hair. That will be ever so useful. Phillip screamed the Happy Birthday song off an on all day. Justin made me a roast beef sandwich with his family's secret sauce toasted into the bun. I made a white chocolate lemon cake, freshly squeezed raspberry lemonade, and Philadelphia lemon ice cream. Invited over my friend Kelly and her family for some cake. Just as I was going to dig into the cake and ice cream Everett vomited all over Justin and the kitchen. Our appetites lost I decided to save the cake and ice cream for another day. It was super stinky inside the house. Dang it. Kelly gave me an amazing antique green chair and a metal basin for photo props. So excited to use them. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I think the best gift was hearing my family sing happy birthday over Skype. They were having a "welcome home Dad" dinner today.

Backing up to review the rest of the week. I was totally washed up on Wednesday after all the excitement on Tuesday. Felt like a zombie. Amelia worked hard doing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the basement to earn money for her restitution. I am proud of her for doing everything with little to no complaining. This week I sewed up 2 outfits for Amelia, five baby bonnets using an old sheet from Salvation Army, and some headband pretties. Guess I buried myself in my craft room after Tuesday for a couple days to recuperate. We visited the library for an hour on Thursday. Friday Amelia said we never did anything fun so I made a character with a funny yarn beard. The kids spent an hour cutting yarn! We watched "A Little Princess" together on Thursday. I loved that book growing up. I mailed off my newest Canon lens, a 50mm 1.4, because it appears the focus is not functioning properly. Hopefully the repair center can get it back to me soon...in working order. I found a cute child size desk at the thrift store for Amelia to do her homework at come fall.

Yesterday Justin watched the kids while I helped Kelly with a newborn session. The little baby was beyond gorgeous. He had the thickest, curliest hair ever with a cute bow mouth. We decided to go to Bridgeport Lake after lunch. I was excited to take Justin and show him all the funny things our kids do in the water. Everett was slapping the sand with his hands and face diving into the water. Phillip showed off his amazing underwater swimming skills. Amelia mostly screamed like a girl and pretended she did not know how to paddle or swim. Silly girl. The weather was not too hot, just perfect actually. Alison reserved our Bountiful Basket for a couple hours after the pickup time; we picked it up after the lake on our way home. She actually brought Bountiful Baskets to Sidney! What a gal! I will go volunteer the next time. Our basket had lots of fun fruits and veggies. I ordered a Chinese veggie extension pack. Yum! We had a nice dinner at Dude's, the local steak restaurant, with the kids. I cleaned the van (gross) while Justin tended to the lawn and such. It was a nice pre-birthday celebration.

Everett: learned how to count, one-two, this week. It is beyond adorable. He even holds out his fingers while counting. Friday I was working on a shirt when he scooted to my craft room door and started talking to me. He would jabber for a good 30 seconds, pause, let me answer, then continue....for 20 minutes. Reminded me of a chittering squirrel. His little voice makes me smile. I wish he would jabber for the camera!

Amelia: has worn one of my old toe rings on her finger for two weeks now. She loves how the corroding metal leaves a pattern on her finger. She also had me tie an old bow that fell off a tutu around her neck like a choker. It is a permanent fixture! Cracks me up to see the choker, ring, and now fake glasses constantly on her person. I got some cheap reading glasses, removed the glass, and let her wear them. She thinks they are the bees knees.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Unknown said...

Glad you had a peaceful, mostly, weekend after the adventures of the week. Happy Birthday!

Taylor's said...

I must say you are wonder woman!

Awesome about the photo props! I can't wait to see them in action!

Bountiful baskets oh how I need to order more from them especially for canning season!

Amelia with those glasses reminds me of bug in hers! Two dimples behind glasses love it!

And love the term "bees knees" just makes me chuckle every time!

Her Royal Highness said...

Your birthday dessert sounds wonderful!!! Mmmmm.
Your bountiful baskets and my bountiful baskets were a bit different. we got the same fruits and veggies, but you guys got a few extras that I didn't. Bummer. But still deliciuos nonetheless. :)