12 September 2012

Rain, Rain, Please Stay and Play


Rain! I forgot how lovely rain can sound when it falls. I love how the flowers glisten with rain drops, their little flower cups filling with drops of water. Everett was determined to get outside and check out the water plopping down from the sky. He laughed every time a raindrop tickled his nose. I hope the rain stays a little while, the earth sure could use it. Phillip tripped on my leg Monday evening, he landed on a rock bruising his cheek. Now he has a nice bruised eye. Yep, we beat him on occasion!

Everett is talking more and more. He learns lots of fun phrases from Amelia and Phillip like: mine, give me that, don't touch, thank you, please, and stinky. I think Phillip and Everett might reach the same speech level soon. Our basement carpet got a nice, hot cleaning Monday morning. A steam cleaner emptied nasty black water time and time again from the basement carpet. It is nice a clean now, even a couple shades brighter. Since we could not go in the basement for 24 hours Phillip and I cleaned and organized some of the spaces in the kitchen, hall, and bathrooms. Tuesday and Wednesday I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the basement. It seemed the perfect time to get everything else clean since the carpet was clean. The play house got a fresh coat of paint over the area Phillip decorated with black fabric paint. This evening John, Courtenay, Everett, and Emmeline Lance AND Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia Lance are driving from Utah to pay us a short visit. We are ever so excited. I even scraped dried peaches and food from the floor, scrubbed off blue marker from the grout, and cleaned the floor. It never ceases to amaze me how disgusting the floor gets in only a week or two.

Amelia comes home with new songs she learned at school. Yesterday she sang "I'm a Nut" non stop. Warms my heart to hear her singing. She is doing amazingly well in school! I get to volunteer every Thursday for 30 minutes in her classroom. I am excited to get a snapshot in my mind of what she does at school. She loves to color now more than ever. I have a huge stack of artwork to hang on to for the next 20 years.
Took the above photos with my new lens, worth $1000, a 24-105mm f/4 L series lens. Drool. Plus I invested in a new book to up my nerd factor. Pretty much my new lens rocks. It will kick my old stock lens in the pants. I am glad to finally have a zoom lens that will work in and out of the studio.

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