30 September 2012

Sunday Best

I think kids dressed in Sunday best are the cutest. Amelia wanted special hair this morning for her Primary Program. She didn't even cry...the second time around. The first time I tried she threw a fit because I did a regular pony tail. Everett looked like a Mob Boss! His saggy blue slacks made me giggle inside. This is the first time he really wore a white shirt and tie since he is so much bigger than Phillip and warped out of several sizes. He is wearing clothes Phillip wore LAST year.
Amelia did a fantastic job on her part and sang words to ALL the songs in the program. She had her little sentence memorized! "The President of the church, his two counselors, and the quorum of the twelve apostles are all prophets." Her eyes light up while singing the songs. I love the yearly primary programs.
Saturday was a really difficult day for me. I had a photo session scheduled for 7:40 am. The family cancelled for the 4th time 15 minutes before. Grrrrr. Makes me so upset that I got up at 6 something got ready and then shafted. Saturdays seems ever so precious now that Amelia is in school. Our only day to play as a family. Another family session was scheduled at 9:30 am. I promised to text them when I was on my way home from the first session. Since that never happened I never texted the second family. We started the second session an hour late. By the time I finished half the day was gone. Then we all went shopping to Walmart (not fun). I spent the next hour putting food and laundry away. Justin watched the kids for the rest of the evening while I helped with RS dinner and attended the broadcast. My foul mood spilled over into the evening but mellowed out after the awesome music, spoken word, and girl time. Dessert helped too! LOL. From now on I am charging double the session fees for Saturday sessions and a deposit for all sessions with cancellation penalties. My family time is too precious for silly fluff interrupting our weekends.


2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Primary Program already! Man I wish!

Your children as so cute and getting so big! Mr. E doesn't look that baby to me anymore and Mr. P definitely is growing into a little man look! Miss A is beautiful as ever!

I love with just a little bit of music, good works and good friends turns any mood around!

The Haley Family said...

I had grand ideas of taking pictures....then we were delayed getting home and forgot. :( I'll fake it next week. ha ha Primary did super great!