25 April 2013

Birthday Princess


I am almost in shock that Amelia is six now. When she was a newborn and until Phillip came time seemed to crawl along. I did not believe in the "time flies" quip. Now I do. All it took was a little sleep and more kids. We are so glad Amelia came to our family. She is one smart, cute, and sassy bit of human being.

This past year she:
worked on swimming skills
continues to sing and dance her heart out
is in her 2nd year of ballet
started kindergarten
learned about money (and chores)
learned to read and is an excellent word speller
lost her first tooth
learned to love coloring and art projects
how to fight with her brothers (working on that one)
can make toast, PBJ sandwiches
tie shoes, memorized address, phone number, zip, and button
is building a testimony of Christ

This was a monumental year of learning new skills. This coming year I hope to start her on piano lessons, a sport (t-ball?), and swimming. She is very excited to welcome a new baby into the family. Amelia's greatest challenges come down to whining and not listening. She feels sad when privelidges are lost or when she has to pay me a quarter for whining.

This morning she woke up to birthday doughnuts with candles to blow out and balloons on her door. Justin assembled her new 16" blue Cinderella bike and had it waiting for her to wake up. Phillip found the bike first (because he woke up for the day at 4:30 am) and woke Amelia up. She was all dressed for a fun day at school when she barfed in the toilet. Poor kid! She is at home today now with several bouts of nasty dirreahea under her belt. We tried Subway for lunch, it just came out the other end! She reported that her new bike is faster than ever, she can go around the block twice as fast. Her big party is on Saturday. She saw a Chuck E Cheese commercial a year ago and planned on a birthday party there ever since. I don't mind since the planning, clean up, and such is zero! Heh heh heh.

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