28 April 2013


Amazing! Spectacular! Simply Great! All words Amelia used to describe Chuck-E-Cheese. We drove the 2.5 hours to Ft Collins, CO for the event. Amelia brought along Ella, her friend Katelyn met us there, and cousin Heidi and family met us there. Heidi and her family live in Ft Collins! Justin went to a Performance bike shop before the party. The kids ran around the store like little hooligans. Everett wanted to try on a bike helmet...he looked a little special running around with the helmet on his head. Justin found a bike that fits and feels better than his road bike. Soon we will have a new bike (or two) in the garage. I found a cute Schwin cruiser. Who knows.

Ella taught the kids to ask the dreaded question: "How much longer?" We FINALLY arrived at the party. The kids went crazy stuffing tokens in machines and collecting tickets until pizza arrived. The tokens lasted almost as long as the pizza took to bake. They must have it down to a science. Phillip really liked the riding machines. Everett liked to steal skee balls and throw them. Justin and I had our hands full keeping track of five little kids. Elaine and Sean Curry had their own group of 5 kids to add to the fun. Phillip had a poop incident which included a mussed up shirt and poopy jeans. Luckily, I brought an extra shirt for him, he ran around with the waistband folded twice to hide the poop. It was all cool...cool as a cucumber. During pizza the mouse showed up and crowned the birthday girls and boys. I totally forgot to make a birthday cake...course they sell them there! Saved by the mouse. Amelia took a turn in the ticket blaster. A wind tube that blows tickets all around. The kid gets to collect as many tickets out of the air. She ended up catching 2 tickets and got to keep the three tickets stuck in her hair! Our nice hostess stuck 4 large tickets into her hair for good measure. We opened gifts, decided on prizes, and left by 3 pm. Hooray! The Curries went with us to get some real food at Chick-Fil-A while the kids played some more in the play area. We enjoyed some quiet time to talk and catch up. After a quick jaunt to Hobby Lobby we drove the distance back home. I crocheted up a cute newborn dino hat and diaper cover for Kelly's studio. Glad to get that order out of the way!

The forecast calls for snow on Wednesday...snow! After three days of 75-80 degree weather that will be a buzz kill. Rain?! Yes please! I cannot wait to get my garden planted. The kids and I prepped the soil Thursday by turning it over and adding 15 cubic feet of compost. The soil is calling for new little seeds! Our grass greened up and the bushes/trees are starting to bud. I think I will still plant my garden tomorrow and get it covered up for our Nebraska weather.

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The Haley Family said...

Holy Smokes! What a great time celebrating for a full week!!! Ella would LOVE a pamper session, how fun! Happy birthday Mia!!!

Her Royal Highness said...

That sounds like a wonderfully crazy time! Happy birthday to Mia!