09 December 2013



We love our newly decorated living room. It sparkles with Christmas cheer! Evelyn loves to lay almost under the tree and bat at the ornaments and branches. I wish we had colored lights that chase and twinkle on our tree. I found a cute wooden Santa head at Salvation Army. It took me three days to spray the beard with enough magnetic spray paint to hold a magnet. This week I will add numbers to the beard and glue magnets to white pom poms...presto...a Christmas countdown Santa. 

Justin spent Sunday and Monday sick with something. I called into the clinic and they sent another antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy for me. Gotta love family medical care! My major task of the week was getting the Christmas cards assembled and mailed. Most of my photo sessions are edited, prints ordered, and CDs burned. Phew! Seems like this week was pretty tame. Nothing of exceptional value sticks out until Friday. The weather was super cold like most of the west coast this week. We woke up to -7 last Tuesday (I think) morning. Saturday was warm at a toasty 7 degrees. Gah! Thank goodness for down coats...yep, the one I don't wear. I HATE wearing extra layers, gloves, scarves, and hats. I prefer to freeze for a moment before entering a warm building. Strange I know! Compare that to my outerwear collecting husband. 

Innej paid us a visit Wednesday night. She is our commando strategic Nelf. She is awesome with ninja and super stealth skills. I hear she is reporting to Santa that our kids are on the good list. Innej left two 1/2 pound Reese's cups to kick off the observation season. Since then we hear tinkling bells as she watches our kids. 

Since we were mostly home bound with the icy weather I cleaned out several closets and the toy collection. It felt awesome to sell and donate half of the kid's toys. This is a yearly tradition I really enjoy. One day I should start a toy coop: each mother packs a tote of toys and the mothers pass them around trading each month! I hesitate because some folks are protective about their property. The toy diet is spurned by the expected Christmas toy binge. I also CLEANED my craft room. It is well-loved. I will cry when I have to give up my space to make room for another bedroom space. 

Saturday we participated in the annual Santa visit at Cabela's. The kids were tucked into lunch from the cafe when we came walking through the store with his jingle bells. Everett was the most excited kid! After lunch the kids got to visit with Santa. Phillip was quite hesitant to talk to Santa. He finally blurted out, "I want a Octopod!" Santa asked him what an Octopod was...Phillip shrugged his shoulders and ran away. We got an outdoors fire pit at an awesome sale price. 

Sunday the Curry family came to visit for the day. We missed Thanksgiving with them per sickness. We met up right before church then enjoyed church with them. After church I roasted up our Thanksgiving turkey for dinner. My gravy was a super duper failure this year. I put in a lemon thinking it would taste awesome, nope, made the gravy bitter. Elaine made delish wheat rolls and a pecan dessert. Our house was filled with the chaos of 9 kids and 4 loud adults. Talk about perfection. Phillip found my poly-fil...use you imagination! It was magnificent. Everett ripped apart one of my background paper rolls. Those were the only casualties, pretty good in my book. We loved visiting with the Curries. Can't wait until next time. Sean and Justin are two peas in a pod with movie quotes and gun talk.

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