18 March 2014

St Patty's Day

My all-time favorite color is GREEN. I love it. Green congers images of lush grass, vibrant flowers, and gorgeous vistas. It is alive. Any holiday that celebrates green rates pretty high up on my charts! Christmas, St Patricks, Easter, and Halloween! Amelia and Phillip spent a long while thinking and planning their leprechaun trap. Amelia covered a box with green paper and decorated it with marker, glitter, and spangles. I cut a door for them in the box. Amelia's idea was to use something sticky to trap the leprechauns. She eventually decided to fill a daffodil cup with honey and stick money down in the honey. We made one trap for Amelia and one for Phillip. The kids carefully placed the traps inside the box then made a trail with licorice and pennies. All the kids helped me make treats for Phillip's preschool class. We filled glassine bags with 6 rolos and rainbow licorice. I thought the treats turned out cute.

I went to bed way too late. I finally got around to appliquing a shamrock onto a shirt I bought last month for Phillip. Then the leprechauns wreaked havoc in our living room. One leprechaun almost got caught in the honey. He had to leave a dime behind stuck in honey. I think that made it mad because they hung Cager and Monkey Pack from the ceiling fan, covered our temple photo, turned our family photo upside down, put shoes on the piano, made a licorice arrow, turned the couch cushions upside down, made shamrocks out of pears, turned our milk green, and turned the potty water green. Phillip flushed the water 6 times before it turned clear again. I loved the kid's reactions! We had green shamrock pancakes for breakfast.

Before Amelia came home I read an article on how holidays are becoming outrageous and elaborate. I blushed! Kids expect Christmas like experience at each and every holiday. Schools are partially to blame because they go all out with each little holiday. Parents are supposed to pick up the line and make a celebration at home too. This article kicked my pants today! Amelia came home and started to cry because she did not get anything fun at school for St Patrick's day (except for sorting stupid Lucky Charms). She wanted treats, gifts, and something more than just wearing green. Even the reminder of how much fun we had before school was not enough. Lame. Totally lame. I made corned beef and veggies for dinner with a loaf of soda bread. It was divine! Justin even said that the meal is  appetizing to him after 9 years.

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