23 March 2014

The Full Moon

I worked on sorting clothes and going through the bedrooms this week. There are piles of clothes and boxes in the living room awaiting decisions. Next I need to sort them into consignment, donation, and give away piles. Can't wait to have my spaces back. Deep cleaning often makes a big mess as things come out and then go back away. I am most excited to do the kitchen this week. I hope to get rid of appliances and extra stuff. I like this house diet so far!

I made Miso soup for dinner on Wednesday. It was really yummy, much more complex flavors than you get at a restaurant. Evelyn enjoyed sitting in a box playing with toys. It was the perfect width to support her with a bit of space for toys. I like the box better than our expensive bumbo seat. Evelyn is pretty crabby this week. She might be working on some bottom teeth. Phillip and Everett decided to fill the pretend kitchen sink with water and wash dishes. Thanks guys! Props for creativity. For Webelos this week we worked on Leave no Trace and making sure the boys are on track for their Arrow of Light awards. We only have Craftsman, Outdoorsman, and memorizing Scout stuff. The boys told me they had not earned their Faith in God. I was sort of upset...until I realized (thanks Alison) that the boys only have to do 8 out of 20 requirements of the award. Phew. We have a fun camp out and hike to look forward too.

Wednesday I found Phillip standing on the top of the couch (which faces out of our big window and onto the street) sunning his bum. He told me his bum was itchy and needed some sun on it to get rid of the itch. The problem was Phillip decided to do this at the same time the High School kids were walking home from school. He was dancing and wagging his bum to all the snickers and laughs from the teenagers. I had to compose myself before having a chat with him. I had the same talk with him the day before when he chased Everett around the house with his naked bum. Boys! Not sure what the attraction is to mooning people.

Phillip finally got a play date with his best buddy, Noah. We found out Noah lives only two blocks away on the same cross street! The boys play all morning outside. It was so nice to be outside and playing. There is dirt all over the place from the boys digging in my garden box. Their favorite game was to sit behind Justin's truck gate thing and blast bad guys (Everett). Amelia came to help me with my last Photography class. I arranged for different ages of people to come model for me. In the end they all cancelled except 3 individuals. Amelia came to model as a child. We ended up with a 4 year old boy, Amelia, and two teen girls. Most of my class participants cancelled as well. Spring must be upon us! I will have one make up class this week. My cousin, Alexia Wardell emailed me some tips for posing young ladies. It was very helpful for our class. I really enjoyed teaching these classes.

Friday was a LONG day. I watched 4 extra kids, 3 of them all day. I had duplicates of each of my kid's ages. Needless to say I did not get much else accomplished except making sure everyone was happy, fed, and safe. The boys were so funny. Phillip, Jacob (4), Levi (3), and Everett tried to build a rocket ship with our firewood. They pushed over our back fence, not a difficult feat since it was standing up by sheer will. We walked over to the school park for a while after Amelia came home. I dealt with mastitis at the same time. I had no way to get to a Dr appt, I called Dr Shaw and she sent a prescription to the pharmacy for me. Gotta love that! I do need to see her on Monday, but that was much better then trying to drag 7 kids along. Justin and I got to see Divergent at the theater after the kids went to bed. It was pretty good.

Justin had to work Saturday morning. It snowed most of the day. Phillip went outside off and on all day. He must have made about 7 bowls of snow and kool-aid powder. We went to the library to get out of the house. They library had several new fun toys this time, magnetic texture shapes, cars, and bristle blocks. Phillip made an airplane-car-house for two good guys. I upcycled an old pink sweater into a pair of pants with a bib for Evelyn's 7 mth photos this coming week. I also made a cute newborn skirt and headband for a new baby girl coming this week.

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