20 July 2014

Utah or Bust

We spent the first half of our week looking forward to John and Courtenay moving back to Utah. They drove from Ft Bragg, NC to our home, then on to Utah. We are so, so glad to have them back on this side of the country. They arrived late Wednesday evening with three little ones ready to kick the van to the curb for a couple days. I actually cleaned up the bathrooms, kitchen and vacuumed. I enjoy the clean up phase when family comes, it forces me to clean areas I've wanted to get to but lacked the initiative to clean. I enjoyed cleaning and finishing a Bloody Jack book on audio (about a hilarious girl pirate, think Pippy Longstocking). I edited a couple sessions and got my blog caught up. The kids mostly just played their little games together while we settled back into our home routine.

John arrived with his tired family and a box of push pops for the kids. The kids disappeared out into the twilight to run and make a sticky mess of cousins. It was perfect. Courtenay looked so, so tired. They traveled here with a 4 week old baby Penny , 23 month old Emmaline, and a newly turned 4 year old Everett. The Everetts spent a couple days thoroughly confused with their common name we threw around. All the Lances came down with the snuffles and a cough during their trip here. I am glad they got some rest and downtime while we visited.

Course I spent some time taking photos of little Penelope. She was not to interested in sleeping for me, she was on the alert side most of the time. She would sleep then wake up whenever I tried to position her. Pretty much we got what we got with lots of awake shots. She is one crazy cute baby. Her sister Emmaline is about the cutest little bug ever with her sandy curls, straight teeth, and princess manners. She had me wrapped around her finger. Our boys played ninja/power rangers most of the two days. Friday evening it was warm and the light perfect so I took Penny outside for a couple photos while the others played at the park. Oh gosh, it was amazing. Cannot wait to show off little Penny.

I love when family comes to visit. John is busy figuring out what to do next in his career and education. He will return to his unit at Camp Williams on Monday. Looks like he has a long spell ahead studying to become a doctor. He went through the Medic Special Forces course while in NC. We met Justin at Cabela's for lunch on Thursday. The kids ran amok in the store, Phillip even lost his flip flop over the balcony eating area. Luckily, it landed on the welcoming desk. Court and I got to do some thrift shopping on Friday with Penny and Amelia in tow. I found the uber cute outfit Evelyn has on in the last photo. Just slay me. Evelyn showed off her planking moves, she is getting a knee under her belly now. I foresee some crawling in the future. Our Everett started up with his barking cough and barfing again yesterday and this morning. I am really sick and tired of this. He is miserable.

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