06 January 2016

Happy New Years

We enjoyed a lovely winter vacation at home this year. Phillip was convinced that school was starting on the 28th. I am glad he wanted to go back, his biggest complaint is getting up early to get ready. He likes to get up around 7:20 and veg in his PJs until noon. Monday I had my last newborn session of the year. I had an afternoon session scheduled as well but the client cancelled 20 minutes after the session was supposed to start. Chapped my hide that she cancelled after all it takes to set up and heat the basement. The kids were good sports and did not complain much. We went sledding once Evelyn woke up from her nap. I finally checked the consignment store for snow boots, the smallest size in stock was a pair of size eights. For the amount of time Evelyn lasts outside in the snow the large boot size worked just fine. The kids spent a good 2 hours sledding. Evelyn and I hung out in the warm van most of the time watching Frozen (me reading a book). Phillip biffed it several times on hunks of ice, he would race back after his face stopped burning.

Tuesday morning I dropped the kids off at Sister McMannis' home for a fun day of playing. I was so grateful for 7 hours of no kids. I went to my 33 week visit alone. Dr Shaw was in shock, me too. Dr Shaw about put me on bed rest because I've had so many contractions and pre-labor signs. She told me to take it easy. I went home and took a long, quiet nap. Justin and I enjoyed a quiet lunch at Della's for our anniversary the next day. I took another nap that afternoon and worked on editing some photos. Amy reported that the kids had pancakes for breakfast, played at the water table, made cookies, watched a TV show, went to McD for lunch, and spent the afternoon sliding down the stairs on cardboard boxes at Callie's home. What a blessing for me. Thank you.

Wednesday Justin and I celebrated 11 year of marriage. The kids made our bed and piled their favorite stuffed animals on it. The highlight was a the card the kids made for us. So cute. We all went to Walmart for food shopping. The party cart lives on. The trip stole all my energy so ended up taking a long nap that afternoon. The kids played Legos and Imaginex Power Rangers. Amelia really wanted a sleep mask, to help her stay asleep. She and I made 3 sleep masks before bedtime. The kids played with those masks incessantly for 3 days. They spent the next morning playing Marco Polo with the masks.

Justin took Thursday and Friday off from work. We took the kids swimming Thursday afternoon in Sterling. Evelyn wore her swimsuits for days wanting to go swimming. I think she likes swimming, just a guess. The kids had a blast swimming until 3 pm when the center closed for the New Year. Amelia can swim across the pool with little to no help. She is becoming more and more confident. It was nice to have Justin swimming with us this time, made it easier to relax. We spent the New Year going to bed early after so much fun swimming.

New Years Day Justin moved his computer desk from his man cave to the main basement area. We are in the middle of switching out computer desks, and upgrading the kid's tower to one I can use with Photoshop. My poor computer is pretty old so is not working very fast. The Sister missionaries came over for dinner. They gave a lovely message about looking forward with faith and positive outlook.

Saturday we all went to the last baptism of the year, Amelia's friends, Avery and Jack were both baptized! Right after Amelia went sledding with Ella. Those girls lasted 3 hours out on the slope riding down the hill. Justin took the boys a little while later for sledding. Amelia came home in tears because she was so hungry!

Amelia bore a sweet testimony on Sunday. She talked about the message the Sister missionaries gave a couple days before. Moments like that are the best ever. She is growing up way too fast. We love to watch her testimony grow as she gets older.

Monday was the last day of school vacation. The kids and I went swimming one more time, this time with the Hill family. Jackson entertained the boys most of the time. He asked me if the boys were always "like that" and if I felt tired after the day was over. Yes! I am tired. Those boys are my gym membership. We tried to set some family goals for FHE but all the kids were so tired all they did was complain and cry. We sent them to bed early.

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