30 May 2016

Denver Discovery Museum

*Evelyn loved the water area. She was not happy about getting wet, of course she tried several times to strip off her clothes.
*All the kids had a great time in the bubble room. Everett was so excited about the bubble square. Phillip and Amelia loved the smoke filled bubbles. Evelyn just looked cute with the glasses and lab coat.
*Evelyn spent the most time in the play kitchen. She filled a muffin tin with onions, put onions into bowls, carried onions around in a shopping basket, filled a fridge with onions, and on and on. She liked the onions. She threw a tantrum when I tried to introduce her to the toddler area. That did not go over well. She sulked on the stairs until I let her go back to the kitchen area.
*Justin painted several works of art on a metal bison: "X Marks the Spot" and several other masterpieces with quirky names.

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