05 June 2016

Everett is Five

Oh this kid is the best. He is so loving and kind. His favorite chore is to be a gentleman and open doors. He will do any chore if I time him on the kitchen timer. He has a ready smile and big brown eyes that will melt your heart. Everett is one smart kid too. He can count (on a good day) to 100, can identify and write all his letters, knows the letter sounds, is doing Phillip's homework, and loves to carry around a calculator. This kid is a numbers man in the making. More impressive than his smarts is his repertoire of sound effects. If you can't find him just follow the trail of blaster/gun noises, when you find him he will be involved in an epic galactic battle with the Power Rangers. This kid is golden.

He is still our little hangry man-diva squirrel. Make sure to feed him on time or he develops into a gremlin. After eating he morphs back into a cute boy. Evelyn loves to tease Everett, he does not love this at all. Amelia and Everett are a lot alike personality wise, they make a good team. He often asks for things in a whining voice. If reminded he will ask in a normal voice. Everett and Phillip have a temperamental and yet loving relationship. They are best buds most of the time. I love to find them involved in shenanigans like little boys should be found. He is still quite attached to his monkey binky. I figure it would either be his binky or a thumb, glad it is his binky. He knows binky is ONLY for sleeping. Out of all my kids Everett is the most likely to have addiction issues with technology. He sure loves playing computer games. His newest trick is to disappear with the iPad down in the basement during the chaos of morning routines.

We love this kid! If you ever need a hug Everett will be the first in line to oblige! He is a snuggle bug. A lover not a hater. Ha ha ha ha

At his well-child he measured 42.5 inches tall, in the 40th percentile. He weighed 44 lbs, in the 72.4 percentile.

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