06 February 2017

12 Months

Darling Josie Mae. Turned 1 year old on Monday Feb 6th, 2017. A whole year of this sweet girl. I love her silly side tongue trick. I love her shy snuggles. I love her happy disposition. I love how she points at everything, waves, and blows kisses. This girl stole our hearts.

I was quite upset that the Dr office refused to weigh Josie on the baby scale. I felt it was not the same to weigh her on the adult scale, fully clothed, with a wet diaper. All the other well-baby visits were on the baby scale, naked. How do I compare? Nuts, I can't. So here are the results of her well-baby. She weighed 17.2 lbs on the adult scale, measured 28 inches long. According to growth chart she lands in the 12.4% for weight and 12.2% for height. On our home scale the same day she weighed 15.6 lbs, that is a huge difference. I averaged the two results together, I am reporting her 12 mth weight as 16.4 lbs, the 6th percentile. I feel this is more reflective, skinny and a bit taller ratio. The same ratio we got at the Dr office did not reflect her lack of chub. It's all relative.

I am so excited to report that Josie finally crawled a few paces. She crawls a bit but prefers to use her tummy to get up to crawl stance then push herself into a seated position, from there she does a side scoot. After several weeks of practice she is getting faster. I am surprised every once in a while to find her grubby paws on my pants leg moments after I put her down and walked away. Justin caught her first crawled paces, we were lucky to get them on video as well. We caught the action on Feb 1st, 2017. Since then she is quite anxious to walk. Forget the slow crawling phase. She discovered climbing and can get herself up on items that are no higher than her belly when standing. My snuggle buddy is morphing into a wiggle worm that wants to explore. She only wants to explore IF I am right next to her. Her favorite books are: Curious George mirror book, the books about animals with fuzzy areas to pat, and Little Feet Like. She can make the cutest growl ever, sounds like a mouse trying to scare a rat. She loves her siblings, baths, and getting into drawers. She is nursing at 8 am, noon, 4 and bedtime. She eats oatmeal for breakfast, finger foods for lunch and dinner with a packet of baby food. Her favorite foods are pasta, crackers, turkey lunch meat, cheese, banana, tortillas/cheese, yogurt melts, and any food she finds on the floor. She naps from 9:30 til 11:30 and 2:30 until 4, sleeps from 8:45-7:45 am. Seems like her top teeth are starting to bother her, she wakes up at night on occasion but easily goes to bed after nursing. She goes to sleep with a binky, her blanket, and a snuggle monkey. No rocking, just put in bed and left alone. I can tell when she awake because this girl loves to kick her crib, the banging is quite distinctive!

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