18 February 2018

Josie is Two-Stats

Josie Mae is about the snuggliest little person we've had. She loves to climb in our laps and just sit content as can be. She loves her big sister Amelia so much. Her little face lights up when Amelia comes home. She adores her daddy, same thing, little face lights up when he comes home. She has an impish streak like our older children. There is a brain working and growing in that little head. Josie has about 100 words in her vocabulary right now. My favorite is, milk, because it sounds like Mm-ilch. If I am cleaning she will pick up a rag and spray bottle and wipe off any surface. Her favorite foods are corn dogs, ketchup (more ketchup than corn dogs), ranch, cheese, apple sauce, and cookies. She is proving to be a picky two old eater so far. Josie is learning how to sing which is quite darling.
Course the tendency for two-year olds to control their environment is blossoming right on schedule. She loves to get involved in what the kids are doing then scream her head off. Josie is starting to loosen her attachments to me a bit. She is quite the social butterfly at Walmart, waving and yelling hi! Her favorite things are singing songs (rain is falling all around is a huge hit), reading books, playing with Evelyn's Barbies, toting around her stuffed Shimmer and Shine characters, bathing, and swinging outside. Her newest love is drawing with chalk outside and blowing bubbles.

She got two immunizations this year, even thought I was sure she was current. She got the MMR and Hep-A, Nebraska must have a different schedule. The clinic put the shots in her arms which was different, all the others got shots in their legs. Her arms were so, very sore for many days. Her medical stats reflect her body perfectly: weight 25.6 lbs (33.5%), height 34 inches (62.7%), head circumference 19.5 inches (95%). Big head, skinny and normal height. Her forehead is so tall! I actually went to get her hair cut, maybe some bangs cut but her cowlicks are pretty crazy. So far no interest in toilet training. I will get out the potty chair in a couple months and gauge her interest.

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