25 March 2018

Mustache You....

The week after vacation always seems long. The kids were more tired Tuesday, they went to bed early Monday evening and slept later than usual. I attacked the van Monday, a full-frontal assault was in order. The little girls had so much fun with me outside as I cleaned. I filled a big bowl of water with cleaner to wash off all the surfaces. Someone poured something sticky into the compartment I use to store my change and loose stuff. Evelyn and Josie washed off my coins and the driveway for me using the water. Josie's carseat got a complete strip down and wash after her carsick episode. Amelia taught us a nice FHE lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We made some really nice goals to help us do a better on Sunday. The kids get carried away spending excessive time playing or watching on devices. I let them while I work on my personal history (blog) entries and accompanying photographs. These are our goals:

1. Be reverent (pay attention during sacrament, sing the hymns)
2. Be nice to siblings (insert smile)
3. Play with family
4. Not too much time on devices (choose shows that are Sabbath appropriate)
5. Go outside
6. Be Healthy
7. Sing in the choir
8. Invite someone for dinner

Phillip conducted our meeting. He chose to do a flash dance for our activity using his Amazon Prime playlist. Somehow all the kids now have their own playlists with songs Justin collects on our account. I love seeing how the music moves our kids differently. Phillip inherited Justin's love of strange 80s music.

I died laughing when Everett showed me a paper he wrote about our Utah trip. First, I played Minecraft. Next, I brfed (barfed)! Last, I played Jaga (Jenga) and won!!!!!!!!! I am feeling sick. Check out the feelings line: bad brffffing! Oh man, such a perfect snapshot of our trip. Barf surrounded with games and cousins.

Report cards came home this week. Amelia earned B- in Reading, B in math, A- orchestra, A- writing, A in Social Studies, and A+ in Science. I am glad math is finally challenging her! Good job sweet, smart girl. Phillip's grades were about the same, mostly earned 3s (proficient). His improvements showed up mostly in his work habits: earning excellent in listening actively, participating actively, and effective work habits! That is awesome! Wahoo. Everett improved most in reading high frequency words, and counting to 120+. Wednesday I went to see Amelia's genius hour presentation with Abby. The girls worked hard to make posters, a diorama, and create a dialogue for their presentation. We learned all about Greek Gods and Goddesses from the presentation. Mrs Howard challenged the kids to use different ways to present information instead of just slideshows.

I came down with a sinus headache on Thursday, probably all the funk catching up with me. At the same time I was asked to sing a duet for a RS activity that evening. I'm just glad I did not cough while singing. The activity was on the errand of angels! Our RS focus of service this year will be foster kids in our area. Friday was Mustache You a Question day at school. Phillip as always made me laugh, He made a double 'stache...for his hat.

This weekend Justin worked on getting water to my garden bed. He was quite frustrated that the closest water hoses were not connected to the watering system. He figured it out and now my little area can get watered automatically. The kids had some fun picking limes off the tree with a fruit picker.

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