04 March 2018

Seven Teeth

This week was pretty bland. A nice break from all the crazy we usually have. Or maybe it was bland because I finally succumbed to the cold all the kids are passing around. Quite honestly I am surprised it did not come sooner with the number of times Evelyn sprays me when coughing. Gross. Justin caught something as well this weekend so hooray. Mostly, we convalesces as much as possible.

The kids celebrated National Reading Week at school. They had fun activities at school to celebrate reading and Dr Seuss. Amelia and Everett dressed up on Wacky Wednesday with shirts on backwards, different shoes, silly hair, etc. Everett looked like normal. Maybe his crazy should've been how a person normally dresses. Phillip refused to dress silly, it was too crazy for him to decide. During breakfast he declared, "Mom, I am turning into a man! You know how I know? I have hair on my toes! So...I'm too grown up to Wacky Wednesday!"

Phillip spent a couple hours that evening cutting a box apart with a box cutter making a house for his pet. He was so intent on his project and figuring it out. When he came to me with questions I reflected the problem back to him. I enjoyed watching him figure it all out. I did show him how to make slots to fit the cardboard together (just to save the last roll of tape). I love how Phillip is often the sibling willing to play Barbies with Evelyn. He has her laughing and playing until they both get tired.

Amelia is totally into the Rick Riordian series Percy Jackson and now the Jason Grace series. We borrowed a thick book (over 500 pages) Monday night, she finished the book by Wednesday afternoon. Keep in mind she cannot read at school! Geeze, it's like mini-Jenni all over again. Sometimes I feel deja vu watching her grow up. Now she is gobbling up the next book. Her friend Abby from school came over Tuesday to work on their Greek Myth Genius Hour project. This time the girls are presenting with posters and a diorama. She already has the next friend and theme planned out (Brooklyn and Mythical Animals). The girls giggled and cut up lots of paper. They spent a good 20 minutes searching for a green marker. Next day I helped hot glue some scenery down to make sure it is all secure. I can't wait to watch her presentation on Monday.

Josie is so cute. I love having alone time with her after dropping Evelyn off at school. Evelyn's personality is so strong and bright Josie often gets eclipsed. We spend 30-40 minutes blowing bubbles, playing kitchen, barbies, etc. I get to interact and wonder at this cute little person we brought to Earth.

Everett loves to give me cheek kisses. He is a dry kisser. Phillip is a slobbery kisser, he puckers up like a pig and lands huge wet kisses on my cheeks. Everett lands dry, ticklish pecks! Oh gosh! He is turning into quite the reader. Once he starts reading a Geronimo Stilton book he is gone into the book! His greatest homework joy is to beat his previous reading speed. Nothing makes him happier than to get the timer and speed read. Makes me laugh.

Amelia corralled the kids into making snowflakes and mustaches. We had flakes of paper flying all over as the kids tried to cut thick folded paper. They soon had crazy mustaches glued to Popsicle sticks and new personalities to boot. I am loving the electronics ban we have during the week. It makes the kids think and use those beautiful brains.

Friday afternoon I picked up the kids from school and headed straight to the dentist. We were there a total of 2.5 hours. Amelia had an appointment to get 4 lower molars removed and her left incisor. How is it that pulling teeth costs so much money? Evelyn's dental accident used up all the dental insurance so we had to pay $150 per tooth pulled. Geeze, had me the pliers and I pry those babies out! Ok, I am glad she had her gums numbed for the procedure. The dentist really had to use some muscle power to pry those bottom molars out. After checking out her extracted teeth it was easy to see why they had to come out manually. The roots were deep and massive. Wednesday night we noticed that adult teeth were coming in over her top molars on the right side. He went ahead and pulled two molars from the upper side! A total of 7 teeth! Nearly half her teeth are gone, pretty much all of her masticating teeth! How will she eat? Pray that her new teeth come in straight! She is in a bit of pain now with some facial swelling. At church today I noticed how pale she looked.

Saturday I left Justin at home with all the kids to attend the RS Stake Conference. It was amazing. I was hesitant to attend with Justin sick at home. The music was out of this world. One lady sang a story along to a pictorial slide show of Jesus meeting the Nephites. Lunch was a catered affair courtesy of our Stake President. After lunch our group was allowed to tour 4 rooms set up with a particular theme (Christ in the Home, Scriptures in the Home, Prophets in the Home, and the Tree of Life. A temple clothed couple met everyone at the Tree of Life room and gave the sisters a pear fruit with a scripture attached. It was all very amazing. I need to step up my spiritual life. For so long I've felt so overwhelmed and unable to keep up energy wise, that important things get set aside. Feels like survival mode! The conference was a perfect kick in the bum to get myself in gear. After the conference Justin took a nap. I took the older kids to Goodwill in search of winter clothes. We are headed to Utah for a week and my kids have zero cold weather clothing. The boys especially got some long-sleeved shirts. Evelyn had her heart set on a Barbie Dream Camper to go along with her new collection. Why not? The family room is already overwhelmed with Barbie.

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