23 March 2018

Sewing Bug

I set up my sewing center in the garage with intentions to sew Easter dresses for the girls. To help boost my drive I went to Hobby Lobby for cute fabric and got new Violette Field Thread patterns. Oh man! So excited! I had all the patterns cut out the week before we left for Utah. First step was to clean the garage so I could set up my sewing corner. The only table we had was a rickety plastic table. The table shakes and boogies as I sew anything faster than a moderate clip. The shaking makes my eyes hurt! I started sewing on the 2nd and stopped on the 7th. I sewed up 4 dresses, three of them Easter dresses. The dresses for Mia and Evelyn were quite intense with double skirts and zipper closures. The little girls enjoyed playing in the garage while I sewed. Evelyn practiced riding her bikes and putting Lego creations together. Evelyn was quite content to play with the Duplo blocks. I can't wait to go out and take some Easter photos with my handsome bunch of kids.

Everett was awarded the Most Courteous Student award at school. He is such a bright and happy child. Mia's Bully Patrol incentive was presented at her Student Council meeting and passed. So proud of her, working for the kids who get picked on. She is going through friend drama at school which is never fun. Middle school kids are brutal.

Josie is busy exploring her little world. Trying to decorate with Perler beads. She thought the dog needed a cool new bowl. Her favorite snack is chocolate sandwiches...skip the bread, please.

Evelyn is working hard at preschool. She came home with homework to practice writing her name. She likes to take creative license with her letters! Still, I could read her letters that formed her name. Good job cute, spicy pizza.

The rest of our week was spent doing laundry and packing for our Spring vacation. The kids were so excited to pack their own bags this time. I usually pack because the boys end up packing some really strange clothing configurations. Each kid got a packing list to check off. I showed them how to put outfits together, roll the outfit up, and place in their bag. Evelyn even helped me pack her bags and roll outfits. 

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