25 September 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole

Amelia had a fun homecoming week at school. Homecoming theme was Alice and Wonderland. The kids were allowed to dress down for the week according to the theme. Her favorite day was Tuesday, Mad Hatter's tea party, dressing crazy. I hear most student wore mismatched socks, not my girl! She went full out crazy for the event. Mia stayed home sick from school on Monday, seemed more like a mental heath day than a sick day, you need those once in a while. She worked on her assignments as they were posted on Google Classrooms. She did not have much work to catch up, thank the good heavens for that. We were totally lame and missed the homecoming game along with all the school party events (Bread Bowl). Amelia went to Ruby's birthday/pool party instead on Friday night.

We are quite enjoying the temperatures, it's crazy to think that 95 feels cool! In Nebraska that was a HOT day, my kids wore jackets to school! The mornings are in the 70's now, which is a blessed relief.  The kids get to play outside, we're back to walking around the block while Josie drives like a drunk driver on her Princess carriage. I should plant my winter garden, can't seem to get my bum in gear. I should paint my cupboards too, same reason my motivation is about level 2. Lately, I've become concerned about our future. I don't have a skill set to support the family if Justin ever got laid off or unable to work. The Personal Finance class has promoted those feelings to the forefront of my mind. I could go back to school and get a counseling or social work endorsement which would make it easier to get a job. I just don't know what I want to do when I grow up, a real dilemma.

Thursday and Friday we all chipped in to get our house cleaned up. Thursday we worked on the upstairs cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms. Friday, I cleaned up the main floor, I especially focused on the kitchen and floors. I made a few dozen soft dinner rolls on Friday as well. I went on a bread kick, made cinnamon rolls as well on Thursday. Justin needed a birthday treat for someone he ministers too! It's been years since I last made cinnamon rolls. Yum. Friday evening we had a few families over for a fun get together. Ashley organized a rotating dinner group once a month just for fun! I got to host the first party! Our menu was salads and fresh rolls. I made a divine steak, potato, and blue cheese salad for my contribution. We enjoyed a grand old time, spent most of it in the backyard. Phillip mowed the lawn for me (all by himself!) in the back so we could enjoyed the grass. Dog Vader decided I was worth peeing on while I sat eating my dinner on the grass with Evelyn. I smacked that dog on his rump. Josie asked me for a full hour why I hit her lovely dog. Stupid dog, don't pee on humans, there are trees and rocks all over our yard. He about went to a new home that night. He peed on my shirt and down my butt crack. Gross.

Saturday we did not have to clean much since the house in a decent shape! Amelia worked on a school poster for Latin. She had to make an advertisement one of the gods might have. She advertised Hestia's eternal fire starters, like a lump of coal that is portable and can start fires when needed. Pretty clever! Amelia and Evelyn spent a few hours at Isla and Brooklyn's house. Justin worked on the budget. We are using Mint, mostly spent the time entering in data and reclassifying expenditures. I did not do much except stare at the back of his head. After Josie went down for her nap Justin and I went for an endowment session at Gilbert Temple. I love that we can pull up family names from FamilySearch and get our family names done. I am most pleased to report that my eyelids stayed open the duration of the session. We stopped for a delicious ice cream treat, Prickly Pear ice cream with lime dip at Topo. It was quite delicious. I loved the dip, Justin loved the ice cream. Thanks to the kids for the time to serve in the temple.

The kids love to play with this blue rope Phillip got who knows where. They tie the rope to the long board or dump truck then send it down the driveway. With the long board the kids play mail delivery 1 with the dump truck the kids play mail delivery 2. They are often engrossed in that game for lots of minutes. One person pulls the person sitting on the long board to the top of the driveway, or something inside the dump truck. I am most tickled that Amelia plays with the kids! I love that she still loves playing imaginative games with her siblings.

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