21 June 2008

Hiking Donut Falls

We slathered on sunblock and bug repellant for a 3 mile hike around the donut falls area. It was awesome to exchange the 96 degree heat for a cooler 83 degrees. A slight breeze cooled the air down a bit more. Catherine was kind enough to let us borrow their baby backpack for the excursion. Amelia was not very fond of the backpack. She cried when we strapped her in then calmed down for the first part of the hike to the actual falls. The best part was when a cold shaft of air came rushing down the canyon from the cooled by the frigid mountain water. Most of the hike was uphill. The water was extremely high and fast. Parts of the trail were even flooded! The trees and shrubs were a vivid green from all the recent water accumulations. Amelia started to cry when we explored a small trail that went up and over the falls. A small branch scratched her arm (not even classified as a flesh wound). That small brush on her arm sent her over the edge. On the way down she sucked incessantly on her binky...maybe her ears did not pressurize. It was breathtaking to observe the falls from above. Justin was very relieved to finally go on a hike. He is planning on hiking up King's peak in July (the tallest point in Utah). Our practice run was very fun and not too difficult. Justin is very pleased with his new pack. Amelia snotted and boogered up Catherine's nice pack during her crying spells. Sorry!!!

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Taylor's said...

Not to worry! It cleans really easy! I am glad you were able to go and let Amelia try out something new! I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves even if Amelia was crying!