28 December 2008

Blessing Day for Lia Marie

This afternoon Amelia and I went to James and Miekka's ward to see Lia's blessing. Justin went to Haley Call's farewell. She is serving in Portugal! Amelia thought it was great fun to climb over the pews from my arms to Miekka's and back. We had to put to kibosh on that game. Lia looked so sweet in her white dress and hair bow. James blessed Lia with sweet blessings that will help her throughout life. We are so glad Lia is here and healthy.

Miekka and James provided yummy sandwiches for all to eat after sacrament meeting. I was so glad to get a picture of Grandpa Baerwaldt holding Lia.

Amelia showed off her really neat vocal chords by squealing and running around the roundy, round. She also thought it was neat to scoot her bum on the main beam underneath Miekka's dinner table.

Then of course I had to catch a couple pics of Lia (or 133 to be exact) in her white dress. She looked so cute with her little bonnet on. Eventually she tired of playing and drifted off to sleep, which is the best time to photograph little innocent cuties!

Joe came home with us and spent the evening lounging on our couch, eating home popped popcorn, and watching Emma (the Joseph Smith one) with us. Amelia melted like a little snowman soon after he left due to getting only a 10 minute nap.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

James Lance said...

Jen, those pictures turned out so cute. Can you make me a CD of them? Thanks for being my personal photographer :) I'm going to miss you.

I just realized that I'm signed in as James, oops.

Jenni Call said...

I about dropped my teeth because James left me a note!!! Thanks Miekka!!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

what a little sweetie!