17 December 2008

Havin' Fun with the Ladies

Amelia had a very fun day! Two good friends came over to play while their Mommy's played elsewhere. Kate came over first and made a beeline for my diaper basket and clung to the bum cream until Amelia showed her the toys. Kate was a delight! She even took a little nap in Amelia's crib (*sigh*) like a good little girl. Amelia and Kate swapped binkies as often as possible and tasted each other's sippy cups. Good thing both girls love Germ-ex. While Kate was supposedly napping, although most likely playing with Amelia's uber cool crib toy, Emma came over to play. She is an independent little thing! She sits on my lap during nursery wanting me to read books. Both girls were really good! No crying or carrying on. Although Amelia threw a couple tantrums as we tried to share her numerous toys. Bubbles were the hit of our morning. Kate must not see many bubbles because she was not too sure what to do. Amelia and Emma taught her the rare art of stomping on and bursting bubbles midair. The little seagulls had a "nack, nack, nack, nack" of popcorn and juice. At lunch time Kate even tried to eat the container and paper! She is a garbage disposal (her mom said it, and I repeat it!). What cute girls. Amelia took a 2.5 hour nap that afternoon.

We spent an hour at James and Miekka's visiting with Courtenay and her niece Lily. She came to admire little Lia and bestow Christmas gifts before she leaves for Oregon. Amelia tried to eat Jake's lunch and play with his toys. Sharing is so hard!

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Oh, so fun! Kate has seen bubbles but never really liked the way they felt so I am glad she had the experience again! And YES she is the biggest garbage disposal! You can say it as many times as you would like . . . oh dumb me, I forgot to bring over our Christmas card for you guys!

And before you move can you please take some pictures of my girls in their Christmas Outfits?

Jenni Call said...

I'd love to take their pictures!