17 December 2008

Ride through the Ringer

I feel as though my life is being forced through a laundry ringer. If you have never experienced this before then you are missing out! Going through the ringer is having your hair popped off first, then your head squished between to wet rollers. Your shoulders, heart, and chest come next, once you are thoroughly squishy your legs get a beating. After said treatment, which some people may call a massage, you feel like crap. Am I being negative...you betcha!

So in the last month my camera broke, Amelia went through a sleeping strike, our dryer reached a peak drying time of 4.5 hours per load, my elliptical machine broke while I was working out on it (hum), the stuffing on our couch is leaking, I learned that the USPS "lost" our portable DVD player on it's way to be repaired, Justin's iPod was misplaced, I feel like crap because I stopped taking my anti-depressant...oh...and we are moving to Sidney, Nebraska. Any questions?

On the bright side...Justin starts his new job on 05 January 2009. I get to move at a slower pace and hope our home sells. I made a really cute shirt for Amelia today. The iPod was found. Our dryer stills dries, even if it is at a snail's pace. We had tithing settlement. Amelia is really cute. Justin and I made the right decision about moving. I will really miss our neighborhood, our family, shopping, and Del Taco. We will stockpile weaponry and ammo like there is no tomorrow. Hey, we get a Cabela's employee pricing. Boo-yah Ford's employee pricing.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Jenni - I already called you bawling my eyes out! So you know how I feel . . .happy and sad! Just know that your phone will be called a lot by me and that the road between salt lake and sidney will be travel a lot by my car! Kate will be so sad to loose her best friend "Mia"

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

Wow so you're moving...I'm sad you won't be in Utah for when we come visit, but it sounds like a nice small town...it will be fun to hear about your adventures there!

Nancy K said...

Oh the cold midwest!!!! But his job sounds great!