18 December 2008

Santy Claus

This evening Justin, Amelia, and I went to visit Santa Claus. I don't remember doing this as a child, even though I'm sure my parents took us at one time or another. His lap looked so inviting I nearly hopped on to tell him I wanted a Red Rider BB gun or a Canon 5d with all the lenses and Photoshop Creative Suite. I really think his hair was real but his beard was fakish. Amelia was very happy to sit on my lap and not the silly guy who talked like a Santa queerer than a 3 dollar bill. Justin was good enough to actually smile and he looks pretty cute to me! We walked around the mall looking for church shoes for Justin and a Dairy Queen cone for me. I never really thought the mall was much fun; I still don't think it is much fun. Too commercialized for me. We hopped over to Toys R Us to see if they had the Fisher Price Nativity. No such luck. Instead we got more animals for a farm set Amelia is getting for Christmas.

It seems I've been in tears most of the day. Jana was not very understanding about our move. Sometimes I am not very understanding because we are leaving a very comfortable niche here in West Valley. Catherine came over to play for a minute with Kater Bug and Malissa. Man, this move will be hard! Funny thing is that about a month ago or more I decided it would be a good idea to simplify our life. Reduce media, computer, music, movies, errands, etc and just enjoy the small moments at home teaching Amelia. It was not a prayer but Heavenly Father must have heard it and decided to see how it would be to truly simplify our life. I hope our experience is NOT like Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie's ludicrous attempt to gain values and work ethic. LOL. We may rename our blog to the Simple Life!! Below is my most recent cute creation for Amelia. Something happy during the dreary winter months...

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Taylor's said...

I told you about Santa and how he looked inviting and then when he spoke you just wanted to either go and take a bath or report to the SVU unit!

Thanks for letting us drop in on you guys! I am like you - crying pretty much all day because of your news!

The shirt looks awesome! Just think of all the new clients you will have in Nebraska!