12 January 2009

Swimming with Kate

Friday after my phone took a dip Amelia and I went swimming at the local fitness center. Catherine and Kate were chummy enough to tag along! The girls had fun especially on Mr Pickles the Duck slide. It was really slick so we had to hold their hand as they zoomed down the slide. Once or twice we did not catch a hand which resulted in a head bonk. Amelia loved the water. She was blue-lipped before we finally cuddled up in a towel. Thanks for joining us Catherine! What a fun hour to spend having fun.

Amelia and I drove over to watch a movie and eat pizza with Miekka and the boys. Amelia was sort of tired so we left earlier than planned. Saturday went by fast. De-bo came over for a minute to play with Amelia. My neighbors, Lucky & Brittany, invited us over for dinner at 5:30. Lucky is a superb meat roaster! He whipped up steak and two kinds of chicken for dinner. Amelia was fond of the broccoli and rice with a side of Reese's peanut butter cups. Lucky and Brittany came over to my house after dinner to see some of the pictures I took in Jordan. He is a sport's photographer so really likes to look at pictures. I will miss Lucky and Brit. They are good neighbors!

Sunday we made it to church on time (no emergency outfit measures were needed). Amelia went to nursery by herself, but cried most of the time. She was very ornery the rest of the day. One day I hope she will enjoy nursery. It would help immensely once she goes to the same room, teacher, kids, etc. Each week is different in my ward here in Utah. It seemed a quarter of the ward was released and received new callings. Our boundaries were changed three weeks ago and part of our ward is now moved. James and Miekka invited us over for a baked potato bar dinner. After dinner we watched Extreme Home "Make-Out." It used to be a good show but now is mostly commercials and promos of some sort. The best part of the show is the last 10 minutes.

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Taylor's said...

The pool was a blast! Kate keeps says "ool, ool" meaning pool. We should try to go again before you leave for the wind and cold!