21 June 2010


Wednesday we all had a down day. Most everyone was plain tuckered out. It was rainy and gloomy so we stayed inside and watched movies, read, and of course played.

Thursday morning Justin, Amelia, Phillip, and I drove down to Draper to Miekka's mother's home. Mary and Dorrel live in an amazing loft type home. It was a garage-ma-haul, but is now a home. Amy, Miekka's sister, had a baby girl about a month ago. She let me play photographer with little Annika. Annika fought sleep but eventually succumbed to the powers of a vacuum cleaner running and a warm hot pad. She let me reposition her about 6 times! Yes! More of those images to come.

We met up with the rest of the Calls at BYU later on that afternoon. Amelia eventually noticed the huge Y on the hill. She's heard a lot about BYU so when she saw the Y, it all came together as, Big-Y-U. BYU, is simply a big Y. Tickled my funny bone to no end. Spenser's girls and Reagan are die hard BYU fans. We started at the Bean Museum, then walked over to the bookstore. After ice cream at the creamery (super delish), and running around the quad we went back to our cars. All that took a couple hours and drained my energy juice right out of me. Justin totally hurt my dampered feelings by saying that we don't communicate well over directions. Funny thing, we both had our smart phones and the same directions. His snaps into a window thing so he can see the map, mine doesn't. My lack of sleep made me extra sensitive. Silly me. We headed to Sarah and Josh's home. Sarah is one of my most awesome friends ever. She made some delish waffles for dinner with fresh fruit. I delivered her huge mounted photo ordered last week. Then we talked until it was way too late. Man, I miss that girl. On our way home Amelia piped up from the back, "Aunt Charity's house up and walked away!...with my cousins in it!" She was very happy once we arrived to Charity's house and it was still there. She looked at the house across the street and exclaimed, "That house is serious, let's go to the party house!"

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