11 July 2010

Do It Myself

After our storm on Tuesday I felt a bit out of sorts for a few days. Monday started a new personal challenge to better my posture. My posture is horrible and has been for years and years. I resolved to hold my shoulders up and straighten my back. Just that simple change is making a myriad of muscles protest. Already I feel that 80 percent of the time my posture is improved. Give me a couple more weeks any maybe I can form a new habit with my muscles and brain. Strangely, my left hip and headaches are giving me torture due to the change.

Amelia went out for a play date with little Lily Bowcutt on Wednesday. She was so excited to try playing with someone new. Leaving me was a little worrisome but forgot about within minutes. Lily and Amelia played tea party with a green cup decorated with pink dots and a pink cup with green dots. That was about all she told me! Amelia came home after about an hour because she had to go potty and would not use Lily's big potty. Justin and Phillip went to do some man errands after work and dinner. Amelia rode her trike around the block two times, more like I pulled her and she steered. Then we went to the middle school park. Amelia was cracking me up while swinging. She wanted "underwear dogs" and "fronter-wear dogs" pushes. I snapped a couple photos of her, she pulled her serious faces on me. In reality, she was laughing and giggling like a crazy lady. We played on the slides and play yard for the next little while. She really wanted to hang from the monkey bar jungle gym area. I told her to try it for a moment. She tried it and tried it and tried it. Little stinker was not being obedient when it was time to leave. She cracked her front teeth on the bars after the final warning. Her left tooth got moved over a smidgen and the middle edges chipped off even more. Her mouth was really sore for a couple days. Justin's car was readmitted to the car hospital for a new starter Wednesday morning.

I think the car issues are finally settled for a while. Justin's car seems to work fine now with new belts and a starter. Working around car issues for three weeks was not so much fun. The kids and I did get some quality time at home and more walks than usual. Phillip is working on self-feeding skills. I made spaghetti and fresh spinach for dinner. He gobbled up most of a bowl with his little hands. He does a pretty good job so far. My floors get a good sweep about once a day lately. He is also crawling on a regular basis now, only resorting to tummy lunges when he gets close to a goal. Thursday morning Ella and Dani came over for a play date. We painted window suncatchers as an activity. The girls did an awesome job using different colors until the end when black ended up in all the other pots. Most of the suncatchers are huge blots of black. The girls were very proud of their work. We had a nice snack and play time in the side yard then lunch of mac n' cheese. I dropped off the girls to Alison's once Justin came home for lunch.

Friday morning I had big plans to go swimming at Sterling Pool with Deb. Amelia wanted snuggles on the couch for over an hour. She finally let me know her tummy hurt, right as she threw up. We made it to the kitchen before she launched an attack. Poor kiddo! She went back into PJs then snuggled on the couch for a couple hours watching a movie and taking naps. By evening she was feeling well enough to eat a banana and rice. Justin and I wanted to get out so we went to Oya Grill for dinner with the kids. Phillip loved eating rice off our plates. I finally cleaned out my little garden box, removing all the debris and dead vegetation from the storm damage. While digging out the lettuce from four areas I found about 30 inch long white grubs with brown heads. Eeeewwww! I was totally grossed out to find those monsters in my soil. After digging around in each square foot I found an infestation of grubs throughout the entire garden. Not sure if the grubs are good or bad. The plants are damaged but from hail and heavy rain. Monday I plan on visiting the county extension office to arrange a visit with the land and soil representative. Nearly cried taking out all my pretty plants now dead and decaying. Geepers, what a shame.

I still feel a little "off"...lol...my rocker. I miss having girl time and girl friends around to chat with.

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The Haley Family said...

ewwwwwwww...a total infestation of grubs? GROSS!!!! I bet they LOVED your veggies! We're still going to water our garden in hopes that something will come back!!!

"I want to do it myself" is something I hear all day long....