11 July 2010

Pool Time

Since we missed the pool on Friday, we went on Saturday instead! Justin worked late Friday night and all Saturday morning finalizing the quarterly report. The kids and I worked on laundry. On a whim we decided to just go swimming. The clouds on the drive down were amazing! Puffy, towering, clouds piled around the horizon. Due to all the rain the grass is still green or greener than it was in spring. Our polarized lenses really make the amazing landscape pop. The yarn shop closed right as we pulled up (darn all the luck). Next we got the kids some ice cream cones and two route 44's for the big kids at Sonic, then off to the pool. Sterling pool is pretty huge, with fun slides and water squirting every which way. Phillip was soooooo excited to watch his floatie fill with air. He crawled all over it until we put him in the water. Amelia is a regular little fish in her frog floatie. I love her floatie...it is an innertube encased in a swimsuit. In the kiddie pool small fountains of water ran into the pool. Phillip was completely enthralled with the fountains, trying to grab the water. We only stayed about an hour, since a storm was riding in and the temperature dropped. Justin took Amelia to the park while I nursed Phillip.

We about went crazy in Walmart, which is about three times bigger than our local one. We picked up several items not available in ours. I was excited to find a hot pink clothes bin to store Amelia's dress up costumes. We had some dinner at Santiago's then headed back home. On the drive home we saw the most amazing rainbow framed with dark clouds. We could see the entire rainbow, from end to end. A second and third rainbow reflected around the center one. Nebraska does have awesome rainbows! Justin let me vent some feelings and thoughts on the drive home. I feel almost normal again, especially now that I just talked with my Mom for a while!

Today we had dessert with the Bowcutt girls and the Skeens. I made a cake on Thursday because Amelia saw a cake bookmark at the library and would not stop asking about cake. She was a complete broken record. She loved making the cakes with me, that was my favorite part too. I made an almond vanilla pound cake with lemon drizzle. Super delish!

My new favorite memory is when Amelia plops down and reads books to Phillip. He sits right down next to her and listens to her read and helps turn the pages. I love watching them interact with such love and consideration.

4 Stupendous Remarks:

Courtenay Beth said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Love those sunglasses, so sassy!!! Phillip is darling!

The Haley Family said...

that pool is a blast! I'll only go there now AFTER I check the hourly weather report! I learned my lesson last year! :) Cute sunglasses!!

Johnson Family said...

Yea for new posts! You are always so good about updating your blog! Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time at the pool!

Mrs. Laura Kay Pettit said...

Cute photos! The close-up one of Amelia in sunglasses reminds me a lot of you when you were that age for some reason. I can't believe Phillip likes the water that much! He looks totally enthralled!