30 September 2010

Best Friends

We all have a BFF! It (yes it) may be an it, for years I had a ragged cabbage patch doll that even went to BYU with me. She was my BFF for a LONG while holding my tears, my secrets, my fears, and my joys. I think she ended up in tufts of cotton after so much information. Since that time I traded in my Cabbage Patch doll for mission companions. Now my BFF is strangely enough...a...GUY. Yep, Justin that is you. He puts up with my tears, secrets, fears, and joys. I hope he does not end up as a tuft of cotton like my dolly.

Then there is the other realm of bosom friends, those who touch your life so deeply that you can never return to life before that person. I have a select few of these ladies in my life. Miekka is one, now I get to keep her FOR-Ev-VER, since my brother married her. She knows exactly how to defuse my glitches and set me on the right track. Miekka is my constant. Then comes Sarah, my bubbly, effervescent rock of life. Holy Smokes that girl is my rock. Catherine, well, she is like my giggle buddy. I always laugh at her sense of humor and ability to lift me higher. Most recently little ole Alison decided to run into my life. I think she is still running (I am not sure where?!). Hummm, she seems to fill in all the other spaces needed to live a full and happy life. So I guess she is my space maker. All of these gals are intelligent, bright, crafty (guess I need crafty friends), loving, and especially full of testimony.

I cannot tell you how excited I feel to watch Ella and Amelia create a friendship that can start elevating these girls to better people. It seems those early friendships often fizzle down to nothing as the years pass. As a mother I hope to help these girls maintain a strong bond. I am delighted to have a great friend in Ella's mother and an equally amazing friend for my daughter. Life cannot get much better than snuggling with your bestie on the couch watch a "phew-vie," picking your nose while sucking a thumb, and nibbling on Fork the Girl Reindeer.

***PS this post does not include the wonderful friendships within family bonds...just so ya don't feel left out. Miekka was included because I knew her WAY before James ever did. I am the lucky one since I knew her longer than my family.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

oh my gosh...the finger in the nose?? Oh my daughter...that is so sick! :) Love her to pieces! I am equally happy to see the bond between Mia and Ella! She'd rather be with her than with me most days lately! I hope they can continue this relationship no matter what the future brings!

You are also dear to me! Spacemaker...I like that! :)


Madison Grunig said...

That picture with Ella picking her nose and Amelia sucking on the reindeer - good heavens that's hilarious. What funny girls. It is so cute to see their sweet little friendship.