09 September 2010

Joy School

Amelia usually sleeps in until about 9 am (strange, right?). Yesterday she was awake by 7 am ready to start school. She really, really wanted to have a lunch in her square lunch box inside her pack-pack. I scrambled to finish a coordinating shirt for her newest cute skirt. Not so sure I am loving the shirt color, it worked for a temporary fix. The kids and I made a hasty trip to the library to borrow "The Kissing Hand" and "Chika-Chicka Boom-Boom" for our lesson. Before the kids arrived I got out my camera to take photos of the kids. Amelia begged me to get some: "super cute photos of Amelia in my adorable skirt with Fork, the Girl Reindeer and my pack-pack." Course I can't resist someone begging me for photos. Look at that smile!

At 10 am Zane arrived soon followed by Ella, Bryn, and Lily. We missed Will this week, hopefully he starts next week. Our first lesson focused on each child's name. We sang a couple songs, read books, and had an art activity. The lesson went by way too fast! We had 45 minutes left to play and eat snacks in the side yard. Amelia was super bummed we did not eat lunch at school. We called up Daddy and met at the park for a picnic lunch. Amelia, Phillip, and I stayed a play a little and feed the ducks. What a memorable day. I am so glad we have amazing Moms who are willing to participate in joy school.

I tried another new recipe for squash and zucchini. It was ok, not delicious enough to entice Justin. The recipe was for zucchini pancakes with eggs, flour, parsley, and cheese. Next year I may only plant one squash. I harvested an entire row of carrots on Tuesday. That adventure coming soon.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

super duper cute and fun! Ella had a great time!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

Ahhhh CAYUTE!!! She is waay too cute Jenni! Such a big girl, and so hilariously SPUNKY! I LOVE it! I hope I can do Joy school someday with Everett and some super cool moms!