12 September 2010

Newly Created


I am remiss about posting my recent creations. I am clearly on a crocheting kick, trying out harder patterns and embellishments. Most of the crochet items were made during our drive to and from Utah. It took me a while to put finishing touches on the hats. I really love the crochet sweater for Amelia. The brown ribbon will not stay. I wanted some color but the effect is not what I imagined. The sweater still needs a snap or two near the arm pits to make the crochet hang straight. About 3/4's of the way through the pattern I realized that I made up my own stitch, not the pattern stitch. LOL.

I was not in love with the coral shirt Amelia wore the other day with her new skirt...so I embellished another shirt, long-sleeved. Much better. Throw in some clips and a cute #1 shirt for Phillip to complete my recent portfolio. More sewing projects are in the works!!!

We had a slow day yesterday. Justin went out hunting early in the morning. He shot four doves! The kids and I stayed in PJs and lounged around for good measure. Around 2 we all went to the church to help set up for a Primary activity. We planned a water-themed activity for the kids. Fun times. Amelia and Ella joined in the activity, even though they are in nursery. Amelia said her favorite part was eating doughnuts from the tree that gives life. Interpretation: Becky dangled doughnuts from string for the kids to eat without using their hands; the tree was the tree of life, the doughnuts, fruit.

Amelia ran a high fever last night and today. I stayed home with her and Phillip. This evening she started yelling about slidey poop. Her only symptoms are a fever and diarrhea (slidey poop). Phillip finally busted out his top two teeth this morning. Justin and I listened to the grating sounds of him grinding his new teeth against his bottom teeth. Phillip LOVES the new sound he can create. The other day I changed his diaper and rolled over to grab the wipes, he says to me, "no, no ma-ma." Usually I am the one who says "No, No Phillip," when he tries to roll away. Yesterday he also started to nod his head yes. I love asking him if he's done eating, and get a hearty affirmative nod. His newer nickname is "squirrel." Pretty apt for the strange noises he makes. This morning he started pushing a stool around the kitchen and walking with it. Walking is coming soon!

5 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

seriously, I can't get enough of that new brown hat style. YUMMY!!!! Gorgeous creations, as always!!

Courtenay Beth said...

So cute Jenni, all of it! You put me to shame, but that's okay, I'm comfortable with it :)

SLIDEY POOP!!! LOL!!! I am laughing out loud about that one, hahhahaaaaa, slidey poop.....baaaaa hahhahaha!!!!

Madison Grunig said...

Oh my word I am dying at "slidey poop." I love the words kids come up with for diarrhea. My little siblings always call them "flat toots." I know it's gross, but it never fails to make me laugh.

Her Royal Highness said...

I'm glad Mia's feeling better!
I am loving how the sweater turned out. You made the sleeves a bit longer than I did (mine are 3/4 length) and I love the ribbon effect (even if you don't).
You're gonna have to reteach me that lattice design again - I haven't done it in so long that I've forgotten it and I can't find my pattern anywhere!
Well done on all of your creations, like Alison said, 'like always'. :)

Charity said...

that philip is a keeper!!