21 December 2010

Doughnut Eve

Growing up my Mom made (makes) fantastic doughnuts. I have a strange and strong craving for doughnuts just about 10 times per day. I grieved after discovering Sidney has a scrumptious doughnut store, it means restraint. Once a year I make doughnuts to eat and pass out to friends, usually around Christmas. The Haley's were kind enough to come eat doughnuts and spend FHE with us. With the four extra kids we played out the Nativity Story.

Drew: Joseph
Ella: Mary
Cassie (Mia's baby doll): Jesus
Phillip: Shepherd
Brayden: Monk-eep (a sheep in a monkey towel)
Amelia: Angel
Morley: the embodiment of all 3 wisemen

Justin narrated the story for us, with me butting in every so often. Then we ate about 6 doughnuts per person. This year I made two new glazes, raspberry and almond vanilla. Not much is better than a fresh, hot, gooey doughnut.

Saturday Rose watched Amelia for us all morning. We got the playhouse wall up and several plans going. Yesterday and today I painted the structure. Justin worked on assembling the roof. Alison gave me the idea to use tissue paper and paint to texture the outside wall. It looks soooo amazing! Before Christmas we need to get the trim up, the door hardware, the roof finished, and the curtains hung. I think the rest will wait until later. We are calling this a work in progress. Amelia and Phillip will never know!!

4 Stupendous Remarks:

Missa said...

I'm so jealous. Donuts are something I've always wanted to make, but never had a good recipe for. Can I get yours?

Great Basin Cowgirl said...

I love how Matt seems to be very interested in what's going on in the top picture. :)

Sounds like it was delicious!!!

The Haley Family said...

ha ha Maleia!! He was just waiting for the party to get started! :)

Thanks for a fun night, as always. The monkeep was the best!! However, the donuts were very good too!

Charity said...

what doughnuts? whats the recipe? i wanna see pics of the playhouse!!