27 July 2011

Two Months Old

Everett turned 2 months old yesterday! I can hardly believe it. He is growing so fast. This evening he almost laughed at me shaking my hair around. He naps really well. So far he sleeps well at night only waking me up around 4:30 with gas, I usually nurse him just because I am awake. He is my first baby that does not spit up a ton. He does have cry time for almost an hour every night. Other than that he does not cry much! Phillip loves to give him sweet kisses...then bonk his head. Lately, he is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He definitely knows his core family, proven with his numerous smiles. Yesterday he grinned so big I could see both cheek dimples.

Since many of our family members were in town we decided to bless Everett on Sunday at my parent's home. The bishop conducted the meeting. Present were: James family, Raquel, Emma, Elijah, Parry's, Diana Call, James Lance Family, Jana, John Lance family, Lane/Debbie/Jeremy/Jared, Laura & Matt Pettit, Logan & Anne Pettit, Christy Delgado, Darcy Delgado, Sarah & Kenna Johnson, & Catherine Taylor. I think that is everyone! Justin, Lane, James, John, Kenny, & Jonathon stood in the circle to bless him. Justin gave a very sweet blessing. The blessing that stuck out the most was that Everett would remember his namesake. He was blessed to be a good example to his siblings, to be baptized, serve a mission, marry in the temple, and etc. The spirit was sweet and warm during the blessing. I was struck by the unity that birth and death bring to a family. I am so grateful to have reason to be with family.

After the blessing we dug into delicious summer salads everyone brought accompanied by rolls and cookies. I made Limeade in honor of my pregnancy cravings. Yum! Once everyone left we had a little family meeting about our family Pioneers in honor of Pioneer Day. I especially enjoyed hearing the Baerwaldt's conversion story. We are a family of pioneers! Love that our heritage helps us look forward with faith. We tried to get some family photos done. Love the results! So typical of trying to wrangle 3 kids and a husband into cooperation. That's how we roll.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

J Man said...

That first picture really looks like Phillip.

J Man said...

I really was trying to cooperate for the family photos.

The Haley Family said...

jman...trying to cooperate for pictures??? WHAT??

Jenni, I am so happy you were able to bless the little man with all of your family, how priceless!!! Hurry up and get back!